"Bill Black's hackamores are most definitely a "must have" for your tack room tools. Quality craftsmanship along with custom design will give you results now and a collectors piece later. – Les Vogt

Longtime eastern Oregon Buckaroo... formerly cowboss at both the legendary MC Ranch and the Roaring Springs Ranch... now fills his days making some of the most sought after bosals, romal reins and hitched horsehair, and this is no exaggeration, in the world. In his cozy shop near his Plush, Oregon home, and with the able assistance of his wife, Teresa, and daughter Montana, he fills orders for followers of some of the nations top trainers who recommend his work.

Custom-made Bosals, the finest you can buy for your good horse, start from $400.

Bill and Teresa Black
28215 Hogback Road
Plush, Oregon 97637
Phone: 541-947-5595



Bill prepares the rawhide from cowhides he personally processes.

Every step of his process is time intensive especially cutting the strings by hand.










Bill Black to me is braiding one of the best Hackamores today.  He will use the best hides that produces the best strings along with several different cores that a horse likes and the rider will get the best response from his horse.  A hackamore is all about the way it is made with balance and the right core.  There are a lot of Hackamores out there that a horse has no use for.  Bill has taken the time talking to horsemen that practice the Art of the Hackamore Training System.  He makes a Hackamore that both the horse and rider will agree must be used on the horse if you ever would think you could finish him in the bridle.Bobby Ingersoll NRCHA Hall of Fame 1996