These are good places to get information about the traditional bridle horse:

Vaquero Enterprises. Featuring Vaquero Artist Ernest Morris

Spade Bit

The Santa Barbara Bit by Davis Deering

Hackamore Reinsman and Reinsman of the West, Vaquero Style Horsemanship

Rigging the Hackamore

Jason Jaeger - Custom Hackamores, Reins, and Horse Hair Hitching....check out Jason's new website with photos of his work.

How to tie the mecate to the bosal

Ranch Roping, Reata Roping,The Making of a Reata, Understanding the hackamore (Vaquero Style), Seeking Refinement, Bridle Course - California Vaquero Style of Bridling....videos

My favorite: Mike Bridges

Bridles to the Past (about Mike Bridges) by Robert Miller Western Horseman May 1996

Vaquero-Style Bridle Bits What they are and how they work by Mike Bridges

These are links for buckaroo gear: Owned by former ZX buckaroo and Traditional Ranch Roping clinician Scott Grosskopf and his wife Staci, Billings, Montana.

Bill and Teresa Black, PO Box 59, 28215 Plush-Adel Road,Plush, Oregon 97637 Phone: 541-947-5595

Yamsi Leather and Silver, John and Jerri Hyde, 541 783-3008 Steve Mason comes from a long line of leather workers dating back to 1902, his great grandfather and grandfather were both Harness and saddle makers (Bradley’s Western Wear and Saddlery). Steve has been making saddles and custom leather goods for over 19 years, starting with a year long apprenticeship at Kings Saddlery in Sheridan, Wyo. He has been very fortunate to have worked with and mentored with some great saddle makers over the years, such as Matt Eberle, John Visser, Dale Harwood and John King. Steve builds custom saddles for cowboys, using the best trees and materials available. He also makes chaps, chinks and custom cowboy gear with the expert care and attention to detail that Steve has gained a reputation for in the Custom Saddle Business. Contact Steve in High River, Alberta, Canada phone (403)615-4616 email

catocustomsaddlery.comWe strive to produce the very finest in cowboy gear using only the best materials. All of our saddles unless requested otherwise are built on custom rawhide covered wood trees, using Herman Oak Leather, jumbo shearling, solid stainless steel or solid brass hardware & rigging plates. We welcome custom orders on most any leather or silver goods however please understand that there is a waiting list do not hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions and concerns.God Bless, Will Cato, Cato Custom Saddlery (406) 669-3884

Custom Handmade Saddle BlanketsLinda Hayden lives high above the Central San Joaquin Valley of California in the foothills of the Sierra. She and her husband, Joel, are cattle ranchers on the South Fork of the Kaweah River near the small community of Three Rivers, gateway to Sequoia National Park. It is here in this beautiful area that Linda collects the natural materials she uses to dye her handspun wool and create her all natural saddle blankets. Linda grew up in the Salinas Valley of California where she was greatly influenced by some of the best horsemen in California. Her interest and love of traditional horse gear started at an early age and with it came her desire to create saddle blankets similar to those of the Navajo Indian. She has been weaving for 36 years and this desire to weave the traditional wool saddle blankets has taken her to studies in Colorado and New Mexico where she concentrated on the Navajo and Rio Grande methods of weaving.

Jeff Hanson was raised on the big outfits of the Great Basin and buckarooed throughout several western states. He learned to work leather and rawhide from his father, a lifelong buckaroo. Early in his career, Jeff apprenticed under master saddlemaker Eddie Brooks in Elko, Nevada.


JM Capriola Co, Inc. Elko Nevada 775-738-5816

Marsh Bros. Oregon Silver Ernie Marsh

Cope Saddlery is a family owned business. Our mission is to provide custom saddles tack and blankets that exceed our customers expectations at reasonable prices. After years of working on large ranches through out the west and building saddles part-time, Ryan has built Cope Saddlery into the full-time business that it is today and makes custom saddles and tack that meets the needs of a working cowboy or the pleasure rider. His wife, Lisa Cope has a loom in the shop. Lisa weaves saddle blankets that are made to last in custom colors and sizes. Custom Wade saddles by Robert Chavez

Jordan Valley Big Loop....attend this show to meet in person a large number of traditional artists and craftsmen

The Californios.....attend this show to see a large number of traditional artists and craftsmen I have made several saddles for Buck Brannaman, Curt Pate, Shayne Jackson, Gary Ruttan, Roland Moore, Tom Selleck, and others, and have sent saddles all across the country, Hawaii, Sweden, Norway, and Australia.

Hagel’s Cowboy Gear 307-655-3275

Hanel's Saddle Shop, Mario Hanel, P.O. Box 92, Cedarville, CA 96104, 530/279-2121


The 7J Trading Post located in Starbuck Washington, has been building custom saddles and pack gear for twenty years, and training horses and mules for fifty years, and still going strong. This saddle shop is home based, and each saddle is custom built for your horse or mule, your body type, and your tastes. As well as being built to the highest quality, they can also be beautifully hand carved. He can make any style of saddle, the old fashioned way, as you can see by clicking on the Custom Saddles link. Sometimes the rawhide and leather on saddles is homemade!

70 Ranch Pottery is a small, home pottery business In Lakeview, Oregon ...very nice includes a plate with Lake County brands on it....Sue McNeley,22013 Thomas Creek Rd., Lakeview, OR 97630, 541-947-4703

Bitterroot Saddle Company
Montana Custom saddle Maker, Traditional and Mountain Saddles.The saddle should be a beautiful, functional tool. Our goal is to pull all the elements, design, quality materials and skill together to produce a saddle that will be a source of pleasure and satisfaction for years to come.

Bridle Tooth Traditional Equipment for today's buckaroo. WHY BUY A MOHAIR CINCHA? Mohair is the strongest natural fiber used for girths.It is a very traditional fiber to use because it works so well. Mohair breathes and wicks moisture away from the horse. All my cinches are handmade one at a time and each one is unique. I don't make any two alike unless requested to do so.

I also make: Tapaderos, Stirrups and Armitas/ Chinks (adult and child versions)  they will be coming in the future. Call or email to inquire.
Scot Anderson
Bridle Tooth Cinches
Traditional Equipment for Today's Buckaroo
PH# 719 689-2228
cell# 719 494-3818

NCC Custom Silver. t208-615-0312 Homedale Idaho email: web site: face book Nichole Carter.

Also my husband TJ Carter is a professional trainer. He specializes in the true using horse from ranch to arena. cell 541-519-2446 web site:

TJ has worked on several large cattle ranches from Nevada, to Oregon, to Idaho. He also ranch ropes, and shoes reined cow horses Stringer's Diamond Cut Buckle Company Jewelry, Travis Stringer, Proprietor Est. 1993 - Baker City, Oregon


Steve & Rebekah Harris
Vaquero Gear & Saddles
(541) 589-9641

Buckaroo Hats:

Original Buckaroo Hats in classical Vaquero, Buckaroo, Nevada and Elko hats.Such stylized hat tend to have flat brims with slightly higher brim on the rear. It also tend to have an oval ring on the top of the crown. The attractive style are the favorite of High Desert Buckaroos and Vaqueros found on horses and cattle ranches in Nevada, Southern Idaho, Oregon and California. Hat makers these days, big or small, use machines to make hats. All of our hats are built by hands and hand sewn without machines. All of our tools are over 100 years old including our conformateur and formillion, a tool used to measure one's head shape and to form precise head shaped hat. We only use highest quality beaver felts for all of our hats. No exceptions. When you order a hat from us you are getting the very best simply because we abide by the original craftsman values. If you are tired or fed up with "machine-made hats" you've come to the right place. Request for your measurement and receive estimate for your customized hat and you won't be disappointed. That's our pledge.~ Denio (Reg. ABCA) & Berry Here is another website: For Quality That Makes The Difference! “I make each hat as if it is the most important hat that I will ever make because it truly is. The quality of my work and satisfaction of every customer are most important and rewarding to me.” Master Hatter, Rodney Allison. Home of the original Buckaroo-T hat.

Sunbody Hats

Good links for information about Buckaroo traditions:

Reins, Riggings, and Reata

The outfit of the Great Basin Buckaroo

Cowboy etiquette

Cavvy marks

War Knots

Traditional Ranch Roping and Horsemanship clinic info

New! Now teaching! Contact Richard Caldwell to arrange a clinic in your area!!!!!

Scott and Staci Grosskopf

John and Jerri Hyde 541 783-3008

Northern Range Ranch Roping Series

The Californios Dave Weaver and Gwynn Turnbull

Buck Brannaman.... and more info here

There's Roping to Do (Ranch Roping - From the Ground Up) on the ElVaquero web site

Flattop Horsemanship by Marty Gardner, just an hour south of Calgary.


Old California Reata Roping & Stock Horse Contest Joe Mora, author and illustrator of the great book Californios writes about the California vaquero, "They were not the rough-and-ready type of roper, riding up close and slapping the loop on any old way to get the job done. They were what you might call the 'artist' type. They took pride in the way they cast their loops, like top-notch golfers or tennis champs showing top form."

These are my favorite buckaroo artists, photographers, writers, singers and book resources

Daron Little I am a working ranch cowboy in Southeast Wyoming that happens to be a singer-songwriter. Naturally, my songs tend to be about cowboying, ranching, and family life on a ranch. I hope you enjoy my perspective on the "Old" as well as the "New" West.

Reina Youngberg,

Phil Epp

Dennis Winslow

M.L. Bolton He's doing what I'm doing in Texas...beautiful ranch photos very special!

Peter Robbins

Keith Ward 100 Years Too Late © 2008 Pioneer Records (634479796548) CD price: $15.00 Ride the range once more with old timey, classic Western swing flavored cowboy music featuring great vocal harmonies, fiddles and mandolin

Need rank Bucking Horses for your event in eastern Oregon, Idaho and Northern Nevada???

email: Glen Shelley, Burns, Oregon

Blossom Ranch, Phone: Wally and Teola Blossom, Owyhee, NV 89832
775-757-2210, or cell: 775-340-2943 or 775-340-2944

Need a cowboy minister at your event???

Leroy and Reda Cowert Leroy and Reda are Oregon Home Missionaries who have a dynamic and unique ministry to the ranching community and working cowboys. They minister through preaching God’s Word and Southern Gospel Music.

Destry Campbell

Rev. Bo and Cathy Lowe

Horse Training and horses for sale

CENTRAL OREGON  HORSE - photo advertising of all breeds of horses for sale in the Western States. Our primary focus is making a good honest all around using horse, whether its a clients horse that is in for training or one we are selling. We believe that a horse can excell in a specialized skill such as Barrels, Roping, Cutting, but the limitations of what that horse can do should not stop there.

"Baileys C4 Ranch" is reputable for being honest in how they represent a horse and truly cares for their customers. We try to make the perfect match for the horse and rider combination.

Horse Training, Colt Starting, Individual or group lessons, horse shoeing, day work, ag & Equine appraisals. 541 693-4843

Dog Training

Trained working cattle dogs

Fly fishing and wild horses and other sites

Back in 1989, California livestock dealers Ellington Peek and John Rodgers were looking for a way to help Western ranchers present their cattle to a national marketplace. Taking advantage of available broadcast technology, these two reputation cattlemen formed Western Video Market, a satellite auction service which now sells nearly half a million cattle from 16 Western states each year. Check out their website!

Fly fish at Yamsi

My Uncle's wild horse sanctuary....the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, Hot springs South Dakota.

Worldwide Traditions & Horsemanship We preserve the spirit of the working cowboys, the harmony of a good bridle horse,the lifestyle and the culture of the wide open American West. We have friends in USA and Europe. Ranchers, horse trainers, performance riders, but, most of all, cowboys & buckaroos. These men inspired us all to create Ranch Academy, and helpin’us goin’forward.

Also this website in France: We have an association who organise some ranch horse compétition in France,so we are very interest by all the great bassin culture.The association website is

Chris Cheney Custom Saddles and Silver,, 208/359-5860, 208/940-0101 if you are searching for a unique, one of a kind bit, a set of spurs or jewelry, you are in the right place. We create working pieces of art for the horseman to use. Nothing that we make is mass-produced, stamped out or imported. Everything is made by hand, here in our workshop, one piece at a time.

California Classics Dorothy and Aaron 1-805-434-3858

Martin Black and Company, Quality Buckaroo gear,

Dave's Saddle & Tack, 9310 Parakeet Dr., Bonanza, OR, 541/545-1100

George Michel Custom Saddles, P.O. Box 561, Cedarville, CA 96104, 530/279-2786

Delwyne Trefz, Cowboy Silversmith, 4612 Market Rd., Homedale, ID 83628, 208/337-6285


Slide1 1-866-579-7969

Jake Brown, Quality Braided Rawhide Reatas and Gear, HC 32, Box 450, Tuscarora, NV 89834, 775/478-5121

Horny Toad Saddlery Traditional Gear With Oklahoma Flair Horny Toad Saddlery was est. 2008 out of necessity for well made custom leather, handmade hardware, and silverwork. Being working ranch cowboys doesn’t lend itself to having a full bank account. So here we are a year later and the shop offers everything from a fully tooled saddle to bridle silver to as set of ruff out Arizona bell leggings to a well balanced spade bit and everything in between. Living and working in the Oklahoma Panhandle gives us a unique look at well made custom gear from both ends of the spectrum. So no matter which side of the fence you're on from Texas overlay and swell fork saddles to inlaid bridle bits and single rig slick fork saddles, we guarantee we can help you spend a pay check or two.

Montana Buckaroo Honda, D.J. Quinn, Quality ropes and gear, Box 147, Alder, MT 59710 406/842-5940 with Jim McKinney Rawhide Braiding 307 8 Mile Rd. Riverton, WY 82501 307/856-3598 and Todd Hansen

Sage Saddlery - Custom (made for you), handmade, western saddles, horse tack and cowboy gear. Specializing in the gear of the Old Californio vaquero and Great Basin Buckaroo traditions of horsemanship. Other custom leather items made to suit. New, handmade, Wade saddle coming off the bench soon. We offer exclusive custom tack. This means that every custom piece is made when you order it, especially for you. We build quality gear, working off of 1/64th inch accuracy. Whit’s pieces are intricately braided art as well as practical, useable equipment. Here at Rock’n Seven Tack Company you can be assured that every custom order is 100% hand made by Whit Olson and is designed exactly for you. Winckler is the Saddler at Winckler Stock Saddles. He will build you a custom saddle to your specifications using the best materials available. All trees are handmade one at a time by a custom tree builder with every effort made to meet the specifications of the horse and rider.

Buckaroo Sales Don't miss our best sellers on this website Earwarmers, Y-Back Suspenders, Custom Leather Products. Call us toll free at 1-800-443-0564 or by e-mail at for more information.

Hitching Post

Horsewright Clothing and Tack is a company that offers for sale unique, handmade items based on the traditions of The Californian Vaquero. Everything we sell is handmade here in California, most items by us. Prairie Karen offers an exceptional selection of handcrafted Western and Native American jewelry. Look for a variety of silver pieces, turquoise, leather, beaded bracelets, barrettes, hair ties and sticks. Our Prairie Karen exclusive items are fun, unique and always changing, and we know you'll enjoy all of our Prairie Karen exclusives!

Discover a Touch of Western Elegance through our exquisite hand knitted sweaters and skirts.

You may also choose from an assortment of beautiful Wild Rags (silk scarves) with silver scarf slides to accessorize your custom shirts. Cowgirls and Cowboys personalize a belt buckle and your horse’s saddle with engraved silver.

Prairie Karen proudly presents both established and emerging artists, craftsmen and designers.We continue to expand and look forward to your keeping in touch.

LJ Saddlery In 1986 John Willlemsa opened LJ's Saddlery with a desire to build and design saddles that he felt met the needs of both working cowboy's, horsemen and women alike. Absolutely the best rein chains! saddles

Jeremiah Watts operates the all custom side of our saddle making business. You can order any thing you desire, no such a thing as to fancy around here. Call Jeremiah for details at 559-935-2172 and he will be glad to visit with you.

Richard Oliver

McKay Custom Saddlery takes pride in producing old style buckaroo saddles and gear for today's needs. Products that are a combination of function and art that utilize the highest quality materials available including but not limited to various wade trees and Herman oak leather. Each hand crafted piece of gear from the McKay Shop is designed to be an essential piece of hardworking equipment and to look good doing it. Mckay Custom Wade Buckaroo saddles are known through out the high desert.



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