I appreciate all of the wonderful feedback viewers have given me...definitely keeps me going!!! THANK YOU!!! Feedback page 2
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"Mary, would please post at least one bad photo you have taken?  These are all so good, like the ones on your site that it is disheartening tous 'wanna be' photogs!  They are all great shots.  Thank goodness the days of film are kind of gone, the thousands of photos done individually would cost a small fortune!  I know I could not afford it.  I could not when I had a film camera, and I tried real hard not to spend the family fortune.  Thank you for sharing all these memories with the world." Hg Smith

I think it is going to take me about 10 and 1/2 years to see all these pictures in your web site. Whewwee! My eye balls are bleeding, hehehe! There are thousands of em! Not a bad one in there, just that some are really great! Hg Smith

I watch your pictures, via slideshow, so much that my wife thinks I ’m keeping a woman in Oregon. We’ll just keep her guessin’. The bad thing is I can’t access the site at school due to our ridiculous filter. Un-American if you ask me.

 Thanks for the great visual museum. Anybody who’s ever sat a good horse, roped one and rode off with him, or faced a pitchin’ horse wondering if you’re gonna answer the supper call (brisket we hope) will love your site.

 You’re worth more money young lady, a lot more money. Michael S. Roberts

I have enjoyed you work. Your pictures of the Big Loop from 2009 inspired my wife and I to take a trip this last spring to see it in person. I haven't felt at home since we left Jordan Valley.  Les Camp

Ms. Hyde, I have been a fan of your work for about a year, having found it during that period. I wish I  had known about it before as, in my opinion, “Who needs Stoecklein when you’ve got Hyde?” Your pictures capture the joy, the pain, the fear, and the intensity of the western life, out of doors and dangerous.

 I ’m going to assume you are shooting most of your pictures with a digital set-up. My question is how you get your detailed focus and great use of color? Do you shoot a Nikon or Canon and what lens do you prefer in working in the outdoor world of horses, hard country, dust and other natural settings? Thank you, Michael S. Roberts Canyon, Texas

 I ’ll be getting the $20 dollars to you, in fact, that’s not really enough for access to your inventory of visual feasts—I’ll probably send $25.

Dear Mary Hyde, My name is Patricia Leffingwell, I live on a ranch outside Clyde Park, Montana and I have been on websites that have great pictures and when I look closer and read more they always seem to be taken by you. You photograph what I would like to paint.  I love to paint but I am not a photography although I have tried. Some people have it and some don't. I don't, you do. Do you have photographs available as a reference that I could paint from? Thanks and you are a great photography. Keep up the good workPatricia

Every time I get a chance to sit down and go look at your pictures, it still amazes me how much I get to see.  The details would be lost if it were a film or video.  You just wouldn't get the chance to pause and freeze frame enough to get to see the amount of activity reflected in a single image.  I just started ranch roping on my mustang this year and we still have a long ways to go, but what we are quickly learning together is coming into focus as we practice.  Seeing your pictures helps flesh out some of the knowledge that the clinics just don't have the time to convey.  The basic principles are there, but the lifetime of experience reflected in your images helps me envision what we are learning. Thank you for your efforts. John Peiffer

mary, i placed a photo order today of a beautiful buckskin horse and his rider.  i went to the californios this year and i watched this horse and rider [Mike Preston] and made lots of comparisons.  there was wonderful horses and horsemanship to be seen.  however there was a quality of communication between this horse and rider that amazed me.  such softness and awareness of each other.  the soft willing feet of the horse and the patient quiet handling of the rider was a real study to me.

you are amazing at capturing that quality with your photography.  i appreciate very much the opportunity to buy these photos.  i thank you very much for your work and your obvious passion at what you do. mary etta findley

"Mary - Very nice.  I love the feeling that your photos bring out.  Thanks for all you do."-Dawn McCling

"mary you take some of the coolest pictures ever...dan and i hope to be ordering a book some time soon.....and thank you for capturing the true buckaroo ...." Hanna Conway

Nice Mary--love seeing Western flavors vs. our mid-west countryside flavor of equine photography here in KY.-your cover photo is awesome"-Kathy Hunter

What fantastically beautiful photos!  Some of the best I have ever seen ---"Sharon Dean

"Mary, I'm not on Facebook much, but when I am, I look at your work with much fascination.  Your art and photos are amazing---the poster for the Northern Range Roping is a work of art, not just a poster.  I am grateful that you are showing the real working west and through your work letting people know it is still alive.  Keep up the great work---you really are gifted.– Alan Clark "

Mary...I just visited your website.....I'm probably a little pale as I don't think I took one breath while looking at your work !! You are AWESOME......to say the least !!! You have made my world a little bigger....Thank you !!! Nancy Moulton

Thank you Mike Thomas for these especially nice words...please check out MIke's website at:http://www.mikethomashorsemen.com/

Profile: Mary Williams Hyde By Mike Thomas


Mary Williams Hyde recently came to my attention on discovering much of her great work for many years. We have never met or even had one phone call, but will before this is published. This Renaissance Lady has devoted her life to so many things we all hold dear to our lives in ranching, nature, the horse, the human, arts/crafts, photography (freezing time) and each creation is meant to last for many years and never be forgotten. Her work will last for many generations!

Early Years…

Born on Dec 30, 1945 in Klamath Falls, OR and grew up on an “old-time ranch” in and around Bly, OR. She spent her development years as a young girl with real enthusiasm on horseback covering all parts of Klamath County, OR. Mary covered all of the Great Basin Country, then and now by every mode of travel known, including rafting. Horses were always her best form of travel and Mary more than earned “Her Silver Spurs In Life!”

Later Years…

Mary is extremely well educated and has incredible work experiences that molded this highly talented lady. An artist in every sense of the word the concept that is Mary Williams Hyde, has spent her life, education, work and life experiences into great accomplishments. A review of www.maryhyde.com/resume.html will fill out what I am saying.

Mary has spent many, many years in perfecting her craft with the camera, the arts, computer technology, marketing and so much more. Why? One only needs to observe her work, even in the last month and you will find the answer quite clear!


This is a wonderful website featuring several years of work and talents of Mary Williams Hyde in over 160,000 photographs capturing over 15 years of her life in documenting the many generations of life in the Great Basin!

It goes far beyond that in capturing hundreds upon hundreds of people, horses, the Great Basin, real life with integrity that is overwhelming! This website, with each photo brings out Mary’s true intellect, sensitivity for life and history. Brings out a burning desire to let the world know, where these fine people and ranches lived and their dedication to: “A Wonderful Way of Life.” Folks: Mary Got it right in her lifetime dedication of bringing a wonderful part of American History to us, graphically, correctly and with honesty


Folks: I sincerely hope you will follow the life and works of : Mary Williams Hyde, a Renascence Lady who is not living in the past, but bringing us an appreciation for a “way of life with horses, ranching, cattle and nature.” Mary does this to help those that do not know, to know! We should all be very pleased to be part of her life!

Thank You Mary,

Mike Thomas






"I love that you want to be just who you are and you have a passion in life.  Mary you have always been that way since I met you in High School, NEVER change.  That is what I love most about who your are.  FABULOUS!  "–Suzanne Shewmaker-Hinshaw s

"I think it is a wonderful idea!  You have an insight to the horse that few have and the traditions we all live by.  As you can see on my website (5-10K pics/Pic Albums), I don't represent myself as a great photographer.  Just trying to time the lens with the legs, feet and expressions of horses and people for analytics, to help them see the horse's point of view.  Your work is designed to capture the "artful essence" and you do it well.–Mike Thomas

"You are so welcome.  Tanner Bell is our son.  I am glad you are out there taking pictures.  You are doing a great job. Barbara Needham

Folks really like the "realness" of the shots. No fakes. No posers. I think the cover shot has garnered more positive comments than any cover in the past.– Bill Reynolds, Publisher, The Cowboy Way

So I am about to watch the Jaquima a Freno Seris Part 1 - Traditional Vaquero Gear with Richard Caldwell and notice the photo on the back is by you !! Too Cool !!!-Lesley Leggott

The pictures below are wonderful the angle the action the clarity amazing! You are wonderfully talented! My husband and I would love to have these photo's in a stream of action inside of one framed piece of work to hang beautifully on the wall at our equine Facility. I am heading to your private in box but I posted this publicly because they are so wonderful!-Donnette Hicks

"Was just checking out the buckaroocountry. com site and have to say those are some great, but scary shots you have. Wow, shows what I've missed not being up in Oregon lately. Great job gal!" – Sheila Carlson

I do a daily blog about the cowboy lifestyle (see below) and am always looking for pictures to accompany the articles.
How much would it cost to license one of yours at various times?   Really impressed by what you do.– Richard Beal
www.BealsCowboyBuckles.com www.CowboyLifestyleBlog.com

Mary~I think the photos look GREAT !!! The light really is not bad for what we are used to.. The action shots you have chose are looking wonderful! As for embarrassing anyone.......please, a picture is worth a thousand words! Laura

Hi Mary. Thanks for the great photography at SOBRA last weekend. When I went to your website to check out the pics of my daughter and friends, I saw the cover photo of the young girl on the Cowboy Way magazine.  Do you have any idea who she is?  She looks like my best friend's granddaughter, Randi Lee Johnson who lives in Adin, CA.  They are REAL cattle ranchers and rodeo folks. Thanks, Pam Ulmer

Dear Mary Haven't seen it yet, but have heard from several folks that your work has been featured again in The Cowboy Way. Well, it takes some folks awhile to catch on. The Lord has His timing which is perfect, so guess they were waiting to get your photos out to more people with the new name and the expanded marketing program. Hope to see what's been up. Have been writing on the books and ripping out fencing as well as getting the start going on the Tools of the Tradition silver bits and spurs. There is always something to do! Congratulations. All we have to do is keep on presenting and re-presenting and eventually good work will prevail. Hugs from afar, Dorothy and Aaron California Classics 805-434-3858

"Our own celebrity right here in Adin WOOHOO you go Miss Randie. AWESOME photo. Mary you do such wonderful work. I'm glad I have your photo's on my walls." –Leslie Helms Joost

"That's awesome! Congratulations!!!"– Deja sewell

"Mary I'm SOOO picking a copy of this up tonite! I can't WAIT to tell everyone 'umm I know the photographer in this magazine' YAHOOOOO!!!" Becky B

Couldn't be happier Mary, you are a huge talent. We'll see how the readers feel. Bill Reynolds,Publisher The Cowboy Way

"Mary, The Burns bronc riding photo on the front page of today's Herald & News is incredible.  I love your work!"-Scott Allen

"Hi Mary, I saw the beautiful article on you and your Buckaroo photography.  What a treasure of visual information.  We have a grandson who is a 'cowboy'.  Now attending school at Treasure Valley. He will work this summer for a packing company in the Wallowas and work with his horses as he can.  It is not an easy career but he is very good with cattle, training and riding horses, and dogs, so I am hopeful he can carve his way. –Fran Gearhard

Great Photos Mary!  Keep up the great work. You definitely have the eye for seeing the beauty of the horse and rider. Have you ever attended a western style fast action shooting match?  I know there are couple of matches in eastern Oregon where every one is dress in western wear using six guns and winchesters–Rick Kelley

"I am a former basin resident who now lives in Georgia. I believe I knew you through the Crisis Center when I volunteered there. (My name may have been Hart.) At any rate, I am in love with your photography. (I didn't know about your websites until I read the H&N article.) I live in the weird South now so your photographs assuaged my bruised psyche. Thank you.". – Diane Shockey

Congratulations, Mary on your  photos in The Cowboy Way.Randi is a stunning cover girl - confident, kind, healthy, devoted to family and ranch.   She has always been a favorite of ours (and between you and me - I gave Mat Carter his first riding lessons, no kidding). Great to see our friends, John, Willie, Bill, and Boone so beautiful in their work.  I'm so happy to see your success. our best, Linda and John Hussa

We received our photos today and they are fabulous!  I can't wait to show them off!  Thank you so much for being at finals weekend for SOBRA.  I hope you will be there next year too.  Tracy


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