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I love looking at your photos everyday when I am stuck in my office

Well, am about to say that "I told you so!" and smile when doing it. The Germans are all over your photography. Now, Finn Christensen, one of our customers in Denmark is on it....Just wanted to stay in touch and let you know that your work is receiving recognition. Now, how to make part of your living at it! Hugs from afar, Dorothy and Aaron

my name is paul ebbs from wetaskiwin alberta canada.....i check your site twice a week and have used your links many times i would like to buy one of your books.....your pictures are great......keep up the great work......i will give you my email ...let me know when you need money...........i will be watching for news on the book......take care paul ebbs

For sure I would buy that book! You make really nice pictures and it's great that somebody preserves the live of the great basin buckaroos!Roger Bonetti from Switzerland

Mary; this is Charter, in Marin County and I'd like to say that your website is not only just plain Outstanding, but is critical in getting a word out there to people who now, more than ever, haven't a clue about the west and our heritage outside of sprawling city complexes and biased media information. Keep up your great work and I'd buy at least 3 copies of that book when you publish it...good on ya! C.

Hello miss hyde, I`m from Germany and my name is Marco.Over the last year i`ve been watching your pics on your website.AND I LOVE IT.I`m doing Ranch Ropings over here and I`ve been at the Californios twice.I would like to have a book of your pics and I would already order and pay it. God Bless you,Marco Breitenbach

Yes Mary, I would be interested.I have several coffee table cowboy photo books.I addition to your action shots, I like candid portraits of cowboys and cowgirls. I also really enjoy shots of high quality gear, like saddles , bits, boots , chinks, hats,ect. I also like photos of barns, and paddocks.Steve

Do what ever it takes to accomplish your dream of the coffee table book.you should get it done. Sure hope you have seen plenty of Dave Stocklein's and Ned Martin's books.They have provided some good ones to photo journalism. Look forward to your perspectives of the buckaroo history and life. The worry is a banker or backer saying no, you just hold on to the dream, take a different path to the finances necessary, but keep your own. Don't let someone else influence your vision. HG Do not let anyone steal YOUR dream.

Is the Yamsi Ranch still owned by the Hyde Family?  I have a book called “Yamsi” that was written by Dayton O. Hyde and published in 1971.  My second cousin gave it to me when I was 12, and it still has a revered place on my bookshelf.  It’s a wonderful look into a year in the life of a cattle ranch in the late 60s.  I’d love to know if anyone else has read this book, as I’m the only one I know of my cowhorse/rancher friends that has it.  Matter of fact, though I’ve read it umpteen times over the last 30-some-odd years, I’m going to read it again!I love your website and will visit often.  Also, I will plan on buying your book! p.s., Richard and Nancy Caldwell are dear friends of mine going way back (all the way to Santa Barbara).  I’m really glad to see that Richard is offering his knowledge to others.  He’s given mea lot of great advice over the years.Regards. Karla

your website is my most visited webpage, thanks

Damon rogers here and by all means tell your banker that I will take one for sure.  Thanks for all you do.

 I would sure buy one. Thanks, JW Jerry Wright Horses

Hello Mary, we would love to buy one of your books!  Let us all know when they will be out! Matt Goodson Corvallis, Oregon

I emailed you last year and just re-found you site. Beautiful, awesome pictures. I've been down to Dayton's horse sanctuary. If you ever get into this part of the country, let me know We do some ranch roping around here.You might want to check out our website at www.dennisranch.comKeep taking pictures and if you get a book out be sure an announce it. I'd buy one.Robert Dennis Red Owl SD

I know I will ask my wife for one for my birthday or Christmas. They would make excellent gifts for cowboys. Joe Harris

I surfed to your site via the Californios. It wasn't my first time. I had come across your photos while researching Klamath County and was delighted to see your photo of Banjo at the MC horse auction. I've started to buy the print a couple of times but I'm hoping it would be available in a higher resolution/larger size. Is that possible? BTW, I was amazed at the size of the steers in the Californios competition. Not exactly dragging calves. Richard Laycock

Thank you very much for taking the pictures! I was showing Jeremy your site since you had the Richard Caldwell information up and he just rode with Richard at Tejon. Then that led to us looking at your pictures and there he was! We had a real fun time and quite an experience! Take care! Brandie Dunn www.JBCattleCo.com

Thank you so much for your excellent web-sight. I almost feel guilty having so much fun for free! Please let me know when your Book is published.ThanksFJ

I want to say that you take really good shots.  I was wondering if you got any of the youth kids or the branding?  Are all of the pics for that weekend posted already?    Thanks you
Janet Pennington Lakeview, OR

Great. Thank you Mary. I am getting ready to leave Southern Idaho and move down to Catalina Arizona - I will greatly miss this country & people (Southern ID, Northern NV & Southeastern Oregon - I have been here all my life) so to be able to purchase and often look at one of your books when they come out will be a huge comfort. I will leave you my address as I will no longer have this e mail address after Aug. 2006.Thank so much.

I loved your pictures from the Californio's roping.  The guy in picture #12 is Dwight Hill and in Picture #5 (on the white horse) is his son, Cody Hill.  All the best.Ryan Woodland

Sarah Hutchins You have some great photos of some people I know...  I love it.  Richard Caldwell is one of the most beautiful horseman that I have ever seen..  He is great.  He also knows Pat Puckett http://www.www.californioranchhorse.org

I just recently stumbled across your great website.  The closest I have come to buckarooing is our 20 acres of timothy grass with a few nice saddle horses (not very close!) in the country outside of Spokane, but I have always been fascinated by the ION region. I'm looking forward to the publication of your book of photographs at the end of this year; in the meantime, I would appreciate any suggestions you might have as to where I might find a copy of your book "Oregon Outback."  I have been unable to find a copy of this book through the normal search services. Best regards, Bradley Garrett

I just came across the web site announcing your book of fabulous photos. I don’t see where I could place an order for a copy… did I just miss it? Are you taking orders? If not, could you add me to a mailing list so I know when the book is available?

John was so surprised to see you at Adin, and I'm sorry I didn't go with him. He had such a great time visiting and roping. Your photographs are - just as people have been saying - as authentic as the people, horses, cattle, and the work. (And not what we see in Western Horseman or the other slick rags.)We're still deciding on which to choose and will make a decision soon. We both wanted to thank you for letting us look through your album. It's a neat site and we wish you luck with it John and Linda

 My daughter was in the Junior Barrels and she is Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon she was in all pink yesterday for the grand entry and in red, white and blue the day before.  You got the best barrel pictures of her last year so I was hoping you got some again this year. If you got any of her during the parade or grand entry and we purchase them is it possible to send me a file via-email so we can post them on her web page.  www.missrodeooregon.org Jaimi

I ran across your website and really enjoyed it. Great pictures! We do some ranch roping in this country, so I really appreciated the pictures of all the good hands and good equipment. Thanks for having this out here on the net. I look forward to coming back and enjoying more of it, as time permits. If you'd like to know more about me, check out dennisranch.com. Thanks again, Robert Dennis Western, SD.

Hi Mary, I was wondering if you were going to post any of the pictures from the Californios 2008 event? Your website is a site I always go to and look at over and over again and those are what I've been waiting to look at. Thanks again for the wonderful site. Keep the cool pictures coming! Joe Harris

I’m new in the area and would like to get involved in the ranch style bronc events….where do I find a calendar of where and when these events are held…..Are these wrca type events or just local rodeo/ranch type gatherings???  Like I said I’m a little green on these events any help would be appreciated…you seem to make it to several from all the pics I see. Thanks,jdhatfield

Well, I like to Christmas shop all year long.  The pictures are really great and the web site is easy to use.  I really appreciate the opportunity to purchase them.  Thanks. Carol

We received our calendar in the mail a couple weeks ago.  Great pictures and they make great gifts for family.  Mr. May is looks especially appealing.  Keep up the good work.Missy

Dear Mary, My husband and I loved your web site. It is interesting and beautifully done. I have linked your web site to ours and would appreciate a mutual link up. We are www.westernstarleather.com. I invite you to check out our neat stuff.


Maggie Costanza