I appreciate all of the wonderful feedback viewers have given me...definitely keeps me going!!! THANK YOU!!! Feedback page 2
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JoAnn Stewart wrote: "Ms. Mary Williams Hyde,, You are truly magnificent artist with your photos and stories... Thank You my friend.. It is getting bed time.. Will need to return tomorrow morning.....Wonderful old time west in todays arena... nite nite..God's Blessings...."

Paula McGilloway: Never have seen such great photography paired with the perfect commentary and sense of humor you have, Mary. You bring your stills to life with your words. When are you going to publish a book?

Dear Mary, I`d like to say your photos are wonderful. I have always been fascinated by the old west, I keep horses myself and try to train them following the vaquero tradition. There are nobody over here who knows how, so I try to gather knowledge wherever I can. Your photos are actually quite helpful, as well as inspiring. You capture the essence of the "old spirit" and culture, I can almost smell the dust and horse sweat! It is just brilliant, thank you for bringing it to me (as my horses spend my money so I can`t travel to the Great Basin myself.....buggers.) Best regards, Siri Andersen

Steven L. Yarbrough wrote: "Your portfolio reflects a person with great knowledge of her craft. Very nice work."

Averi Regan wrote: "We looked through it for an hour last night! I cant believe all the wrecks.. holy smokes!"

Rodeo Oz " ..your photos are magic..."

Nancy Moulton My friend Dusty Perin does Equine Photography also..and I help her with her photo shoots on occasion so I know how difficult it can be !!! But fun too...and your work is STUNNING !!! In fact...I've got a "crush" on some of your Cowboys !!! LOL !!! Thank you..!!!

Nancy Moulton Hi Mary....I wish and hope I can meet you someday.....I have a friend who is an equine photographer who I help on occasion with her photo shoots.....but I've got to say that you are the most brilliant photographer I've ever seen !! Your pictures are so awesome......FABULOUS !!! What talent you have !!! Your pictures take my breath away !! Seriously !!! Thank you for sharing your marvelous work....I'm a committed fan ..and groupie !!! Can you tell ?? LOL..!!!

Angela Nash: "Mary Williams Hyde is one of the best for sure."

Leeann K. Lucas Howdy, in case you are wondering who this was that sent you a random friend request. I love your horse pictures! I grew up on a Wyoming ranch and now live in Salem, OR. Your photos remind me of home and where I grew up. I'm an artist as well and like to look at people's photos to get ideas to paint. Saves me from relying on a faulty memory when I can look at a photo and say "yeah, the shoulder muscle should be in this position not that." Anyway, it is a pleasure to meet you. Oh yeah, I think I found you by looking at some photos from Deanie Mullins.

Shannon Fleury Artist One of my ALL TIME favorite photographers ... just incredible photos!! This woman has the ability to capture a story, a feeling, and thoughts in her photos... it's unreal!! You have got to look through her work if you have a love for horses, the west, history, and cowboys!! ♥ Mary Williams Hyde will not disappoint, I can promise that!!

Susan Chase Emory Holey moley ... Mary Williams Hyde!!! Ranch and rodeo photographer extraordinaire!

Michael Oris wrote: "Fantastic. You are the world's best rodeo photographer."

Donnette Hicks I loved my time when I was in Buckaroo country. Time treasured. Mary Williams Hyde keeps the big open country alive in my heart with her excellent photography.

Teresa Thompson Archangel : "This photo just draws you in. I mean really draws you in....I can smell that horse and the dust. The colors are gorgeous! Jamie and Poncho look so right for each other. I wish I had the background to be more expressive about what I see and feel."

John Peiffer commented on your photo.: "Compared to the price of a couple of tickets to the movie theater, a subscription to the web site will provide you with an enormous archive of amazing photography at a higher resolution than FB can deliver. Each picture tells a whole story and is so rich with detail that can't be conveyed in any other format and would be missed. A lot of talent there - both behind the camera and in front of the lens. Thanks for all the hard work."

Susan Chase Emory : "I just love your photos, Mary ... you take us places that we don't all get to go. Thank you!"

David Stoecklein Mary .. I want you to know how much I enjoy your photos , they are so pure and real ! I love looking at them . they are a true record of a culture that most of us never see . Keep up the great work . Dave

Debra Morgan Pardee Her work is astounding! I hope she gets recognized for being one of the top Western visual artists of our times. If I could afford it, I would be buying her work. I put her right up there with Georgia O'Keefe, Gary Winogrand, Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth.

Patti Bradshaw Saw these on Buckaroo Country last night!! Laughed so hard I spit iced tea all over my laptop!!! WOOT!!

Dieter Seiwert Right on Mary Williams Hyde you do the work, and you deserve the credit! i love your pics, and hope they are coming1 it is a dream come true! for me anyways!

Taralynn Matthews i hope everyone listens because I LOVE looking at your pics!!!!

Ernie Kurze You are the greatest in the world Mary Williams Hyde ...Love your work and thanks for graciously sharing them on Facebook...I need to view them everyday, it makes my day!

Dee Kotla Hi Mary, thanks for the friend request. I love your photos. They are the best and I love looking at them.

Heather DicksonI don't know you personally but your photos make me feel good....they are amazing....I understand if you don't want me on your list...but thanks for letting me get a glimpse of magic!

I went to your website after seeing it mentioned on the IRAM one.  Your photos  are so artistic.  They remind me of the great western painters, and their  ability to get what they got on canvas as a one of a kind. Rob Pliskin

Donnette Hicks Yes, I have purchased two of your photos. I have been a buckaroo's wife at many of your stomping grounds. One of my favorite being the ZX ranch. I also enjoy photography which you have inspired and made a difference for. You also have inspired my graphic design work. I have been very quiet and in the back ground enjoying your art. I admire you very deeply. I would like you to know there is another You have touched, moved and inspired. Thank you.

Debra Morgan Pardee: You're following the traditions of some of the greatest Western photographers ...

Sara Marble Mock"Its one of the "highlights" of my day to come to your page and look at your fantastic pictures... just beautiful!! Thank you

JoAnna Lamb: I have decided that if there were a photography contest between David Stoecklein and Mary Hyde...Mary would win hands down! The cowgirls in David's photos are wearing $90 jeans,$70 shirts,$400 Stetson,Fresh manicure,hair and makeup and LOTS of Bling. Mary's cowgirls are wearing $30 Wranglers, a shirt that was clean when she put it on this AM and a $60 Atwood that has seen more dirt than most 4x4's!

Julie Morrison Laird I just finished viewing some of your most recent photos that you posted on Facebook and just had to drop you a note! We have never met in person, but I feel like I know you through your photos and descriptions of them! My husband Jesse and I and our little girl Emma live in Plush, and I have SO enjoyed your wonderful images of the Great Basin and it's people. You have an amazing gift, and it is a privilege to get to share in it through your posts! I know you have lots of friends in Plush, but if you ever get over this way and need a place to stop off or just have a few minutes to visit, our house is the last one on the Hogback Road heading north from Plush before the road turns to gravel. I love to dabble in photography, so would probably try to talk your ear off to learn from you! :) Hope to meet you someday, and thank you again for sharing your incredible images. They are truly a joy to see.

Brenda Tomlin: "the art of gathering up these hunys will always be needed in the west, it's an unforgiving way of life (note Mary's description of the riders injuries), but many people feel since of.. a job well done at the end of the day, they tend to sleep like logs and gain a knowledge of horse's and the land that supports them, envied by those that see them in action,... living in southern Oregon is a link to our past and a hope for the future if it all go's too...well horse poop! The Hyde family is one of the links that's connects us to the land...."

Cathy Johnson Your work is Truly Amazing Its like a long cool drink of water on a hot day.

Jason VanTassell Mary, it took me a while to get to it because I was admiring all of your other great shots, but Jill Bridges told me I had to see the picture you took of Roy and she was right...it's a classic. Keep up the good work, you are our connection to the Great Basin until we return.

Mary Farmer wrote: "We so enjoy enjoy your pictures of rodeos we dont get to see. I make time evan at the book signings to look at them.Thank you,& always stay safe.Those Bulls the other day looked mean & lookin right atcha."

Skeeter Ferreira Hi I hope you don't mind me requesting you as a friend. I am a miss placed Idaho cowgirl living in NY. I am friends with Georgia Black and I was looking at all your photos. They are so good. They made me think of the sounds, smells, and excitement of being a cowgirl. God Bless you ....thanks for capturing the spirt of the kind of people and animals I love and dearly miss......

Toni Antoinette Papy wrote: "I Just Love all the live action, in your pictures !! Of course, it's because it feels like being right there ! Takes my breath away !!

Claudia Parker wrote: "mary, you are truly blessed with your talent for timing in your photography!! love them!!"

Linda Johnson wrote: "Well dang it looks like I'm gonna have to go to one of these ranch rodeo here in Or. never been to one and haven't been to impressed at all with the one they have up town.I went to the big loop at the fair grounds and that was fun. Seeing all your pictures this looks more like the REAL thing the way it was when I was growing up. Got me totally hooked on the gear and horsemanship girl! Thanks!!!"

Sharon Dean wrote: "Mary - your pictures are absolutely awe-inspiring --- and they capture the spirit of the cowboy more than anyone else I have seen --- keep sending pictures - it inspires me everyday to keep the cowboy spirit alive!"

Enrica Saletta....sarai sicuramente un grande cowboy....grazie,le tue foto mi danno sempre molte emozioni....complimenti, ti seguo sempre...... you're definitely a great cowboy .... thanks, your photos always give me many emotions .... congratulations, I will follow you forever ..

Erin W. Bronson wrote: "Still beautiful... Nice Picture I don't know her but this seems to capture a lot of personality as well as an image.. That is what I love about your photos, the life they bring to everything. Mine sadly are only images.."

Tina Shearman I stumbled on your pictures through Rick McCumber's page. ( he is a friend and fellow Texan...) Your work is absolutely amazing....You are truly gifted....

Vicki Catapano wrote: "I have run out of adjectives to describe my total "awe" for your photos and work Mary, plus the design in this one is off the charts!"

Travis Wilson: Mary is a talent un-surpassed! She Is a national treasure as far as I'm concerned. She does with a camera what Charlie Russell did with a brush

Jonne Goeller wrote: "Your calendar pictures come right out of a modern version of a Frederick Remington painting...right down to the last detail and with full action to boot!"

Terry Lewis wrote: "Mary, I like your photos. I think the photos you get are wilder and better than the PRCA photos I see. Thanks for.sharing them with us."

Mike McBeth wrote: "thank you so much for the pictures! they look so real i feel like i'm riding that horse again every time i look at them!"

Cheryl De Loache' wrote: "absolutely brilliant photography Mary...your work is always a delight to view"

Mary - Running your calendar now. I have to say, of all the photos I've seen of yours - and they (everyone of them) are totally awesome - this photo of Randi is just BEAUTIFUL. Not only is she a lovely girl, but the clothes, her braids with little straggles come loose, the gray sky, her pink scarf and the look in her eyes - is just absolutely beautiful. Every time I print this one I'm in awe. Jen

Tommy Newbill - "Mary just wanted to take a second and say thanks for all the hard work and miles you drive.. Im not very good at keepin up with photos for family but all i have to do is have them check yours out..You have a very wonderful gift and i know me and many many others always love to see you an events cause we know there is goin to be some wonderful photos taken..Thank you for all you do "

Viv Billingham Parkes1 Said: Your amazing photos

Dear Mary I have just looked at some of the most amazing action photos i have ever seen in my life. I Am a shepherdess living in Scotland author of one or two books on sheepdogs. May I share some of your photos on my wall so that everyone in the world knows how great a photographer you are. They will be as awestruck as i am. Thank you.

Karyn L Shirley Hey Mary, sent you a friend request and also shared your Buckaroo/Vaquero page on my profile. You take AMAZING shots!!!

Tanya Robinson wrote: "This is an incredible shot.  You are extremely talented.  Awesome."

W.l. Jaggars wrote: "Mary, you have captured some of the greatest Americana.  Keep up the good work.

"Mel Lueck wrote:"your photos are amazing!  I could look at them all night...."

Sara Lombardi wrote: "This is one of those historic moments, amazing you were there, a great song by Ian Tyson, and it's disappearing a little more every day...some of us want to remember and are very glad you document it all so well!!!"

Jessie Leslie Woodland Dear Mary I just want to tell you what a joy it is to read your posts and how your pictures of perserving some of the past history of these ranches and the way it was. Way cool. It is so sad that alot of history is gone when city people come in with money and buy this places up and don't care about how a corral was built ect. Thank you again. I am making cute little necklaces silver charms with the saying "Long Live the Cowboy" "Long Live the Buckaroo" " Long Live the Vaquero Way" I would love to send you one if you would send me your address and which saying you like. NO CHARGE for you are doing a wonderful job. Thank you Jessie WoodlandMary Farmer wrote:"Mary--i really envy u, the different things you get to see, and all those beautiful pictures you take of them.You give us a way to see things we may never actually get to see in life.The ole west is disappearing rapidly...."

Donna Decosse wrote: "Amazing photography.  Scolling through these pics there are some fantastic "HOLY SHIT" shot in the group"

This is a great action shot! So many things happening, great composition. Close to perfection, reminds me of a Remington bronze.-Doug Claassen ( of the poster featuring rodeo pickup action)

I just want to take the time to tell you that ever since I became a subscriber to your website a couple a days ago, I have become an addict. I can not get enough of those pictures. I know you will keep up the good work.George Bratsakis

Michael Roberts: It concerns me that the western way of life is dying out. I was raised by a grandfather who owned no shoes and had one suit. He got up every day and put on his Resistol hat, his Lee jeans, and Tony Lama boots. He worked hard, took care of his cow herd and spent many a lonely day re-leathering windmills and fixing fences.

Good to hear from you. I spend a lot of time with MWH (on your site). Hope my wife doesn't catch us out running around. But having you as a girlfriend wouldn't be too fun. You work to darned much. And I am thankful you do. You are the chronicler of the contemporary wild west.

Michael K Woodman said: Mary, I am the pastor that performed Greg and Kerri's wedding. Your photos are amazing. Do you publish, frame and sell, make available in any form? There are several I would display in our sanctuary @ Dayspring Christian Center in Terrebonne, OR, cowboy and horse country. Thanks for posting...crazy awesome, wow. Mike

Bill Seiner said:Mary, I got exposure to your pictures through a tag on facebook and absolutely fell in love with your work! I'm anxious to see more.Thanks for the great pictures.

Bill.Jeri Lowe Scott wrote:"WOW.. your an excellent photographer. I very much enjoyed your photo's. Thank you!"

Karen Johnson wrote:"Your pictures are awesome and spectacular Mary! I was entranced viewing your picture album and captions. Thank you so much for sharing."

Victoria Cb Trees wrote: "Very cool... I love seeing that real cowboys still live and work in the west!"

Rick Collins wrote: "Just another Great shot Mary, Thanks for keeping what Really Matters alive... ;-}"

Karen ShrumYour photos are WONDERFUL!!!!! (I just ordered three more....I could line a wall here with them!!!)...Every time I look at them they bring such great memories of a cowhorse competition that we were at and represent such a wonderful lifestyle....thinking of The Californios and all the buckaroo families that attend that event...it's just a great thing to see!!!

i am no expert in photography but i am writing to someone who is.a properly taken foto will feel right, if it is shot right. even a simple admirer like me can sense that there is skill in  shot... what i like best about yours is that the foto makes me feel like i am the one looking at the scene , that i can imagine through the foto all of the other activity that is happening off screen that i can  feel the ground and hear the sounds of commotion and ruckus ....the other real sensory lift is having the background visible and in focus, in the shot ; it gives a sense of place to the action and makes me look at the entire scene. .....the colors are vivid and the characters are larger than life ......i am not a horseman though i have been around horses all of my life in one way or another and even i can feel the excitement of the activity going on....i will sometimes leave the site open when its too rainy here and just let the photos run , glancing at them time to time as a relief from the monotony of living here in the swamps of western Oregon where it rains almost daily - david Herndon, buxton oregon

your photos are perfect. they satisfy the eye in so many different ways beautiful work you have done – David Herndon

Sherry Malia said:"what can one say sitting back here in the east.  wow wow wow. great photos!!!!! i love your life style. your living we are just going through the motions."

Drew Mischianti wrote:"Mary, we LOVE yer work and the way u do it. The WEST it's a total different THING nowadays....people from all over the World follow the WESTERN TRADITIONS since they'r probably one of the very few things that stay the same trough centuries. But the West we love it's changin' as wel and here in Europe we are very sorry 'bout that. Your effort to report the REAL west in your photography it's fer us...a GREAT job. Drew

Melissa Kirk wrote: "Boy you have such a gift, you are a real artist with your camera, it is enviable. But, came with hard work too."

JaNeil Anderson wrote: "You catch the BEST ACTION!!"

Kaylin Dennis wrote: Hello Mary!

I LOVED the sequence of photos taken of my buddy Seth. I am asking your permission to "share" the album on my profile. I would love to get word out to "my circle" of pals about your amazing work, and they are some of the greatest photos I have seen catching what stock saddle bronc riding is. I hope one day I can catch you at a rodeo and shake your hand... and learn a few things about photography. (It's my dream job ) cheers!

Kaylin Sherry Hartin wrote: "Mary, I dont know you personally, but I hope you know you bring alot of contentment to alot of people who enjoy your wonderful photos. In times like these your pics have a way of transporting those of us who love the old ways, back to our roots and away from all the craziness!!"

Linda Johnson wrote: "Mary, thank so much for posting all the photos, they are all awesome!"

Toni Carlon Collins wrote:"I love the contrast you see using the black and white film.  It is so sad that so much of the desert's history is going away.  Glad you got this picture!"

Micha Nagel says, "Hey mary, i like your beautiful photos!!!"

Curt Yellowhorse wrote: "Love ur work Mary !!!!"

Lori Fowle Hey, my husband and I spent our weekend at a vaquero-style roping clinic here in Kansas, and I thought about you and your awesome photos, my hat is off to those big-loop ropers! They make it look so easy!

Kevin Ekins wrote:"Mary, seeing that you have posted a new photo always brightens my day!"

Mike Langley Yahoo Mary ... great pictures and art work too ... felt like I was sitting on the fence!

Nancy Hester Hoke OH Good Grief!! I thought I was looking at Cathy Pierce photos!! How did I get here?? Well who ever they belong to they are awesome!! Best real thing I have seen in a while. almost one I see are just "wanta be's" Want to be a cowboy that is!!! Thanks for sharing!! I enjoyed them! Some are just gorgeous!!

John Hargrave These are by far the best photos I have ever seen!

Denise Siemens Hi awesome lady---I was just thinking of your work today and wanted to say hi. Hope all is well with you. You still amaze me.

Donna Lembke wrote:"I ran onto your photos one day and you do some amazing work....I can look at them and then look at them and look at them again....You are a very talented lady...Great work!"

Rick Collins wrote: "Morning Mary, I just wanted to reiterate How Much I Appreciate your photos... And not only that, but your dedication to preserving & Sharing the reality of the present & the Traditions of the past in such an incredible way with your Amazing God given talent... Blessings"

Dave Carpenter ...awesome work Mary, your art is incredible."

Robin L Corey Mary I love your work! You have really captured a lifestyle and the people who live it! Great job!

Bryce Hall wrote:"Mary William Hyde Has some of the best action COWBOY pictures ,I have ever seen,take time to have a look.Good work Mary"

Roslyn Lord wrote: "Mary your photos are top quality love your work"

Mike Langley wrote: "Yahoo Mary ... great pictures and art work too ... felt like I was sitting on the fence!" ...may you sit many more and share your awesome perspective."

Leslie Helms Joost wrote: "WOOHOO thank you Mary for all your hard work on this. Not only are your photos FANTASTIC capturing the true beauty of the west and a wonderful way of life. You stepped up for all."

Phil Epp wrote: Mary, you are a facebook SUPERWOMAN. You are respectfully becoming a legend. So great at photography and communication. Oh, and a hard worker. Looks like you've even made a facebooker outta Glen. Its a new world. Good job!

Mike Thomas wrote: "Thank You for your Incredible Documentaries in Photos that have frozen time and in the moment, for all history! Thank You!"

Mike Thomas wrote: "Mary! You are making memories for generations yet to arrive with your work! You are giving love and hope to the people you photo for their families, and history! Don't Quit!"

Ricky Watkins wrote: "I really enjoy you pictures ,here in the Texas panhandle I don't get to see any of the old vaquero style.Been to Nevada a couple of times when I was younger,sure do miss it . Well keep em coming and may God bless you."

Joseph Michael Ferguson wrote your pictures kick ass ma'am

Gloria Erin Atwater wrote:You take magnificent photos. You capture indelible moments. I piddle around with photography and I find your work inspiring. I'm delighted to have found this album, which you so generously share.

Frieda Kirk wrote:"Mary, your photos never fail to amaze me - each one so many nuances so clear and sharp   .  .  .  No such thing as one picture the same as another"

Frieda Kirk wrote:"Mary, we saw the new movie, True Grit. Looking back at your photos, to me it looks like they saw your cover pic on Cowboy Way with Randi Johnson and then copied it to portray their young star,  Hailee Steinfeld.  She got nominated for an Oscar.  The movie was good - we may go again."

Brad Nelson wrote:"[Mary}, For the record, my dreams of being a cowboy in a rodeo are officially over after seeing these fantastic photos.  These are great!"

Ron Friend wrote "Mary, your photos are beyond description. You definitely have a God given talent."

Wendy Hottle says, "I want to keep up with you're amazing talent! I have one of those pics of the buckin bronco on my desk top.. My partner said it looks like a painting!"

 Billy DeMarco said: I must tell you, you are very gifted when it comes to photos, God has touched you in a very special way, I compare you to Jay Dustard, If not better, you touch all of our lives, god bless

Sherri Nelson Johnson Mary, I was thinking about the picture you took of William. It really does say so much in one photo. What does every young boy at one time or another want to be when he grows up. A cowboy!! When you look at the young boys of all those men they really are carrying on a pretty neat legacy. Ever since William could hold a rope he has packed one around. It really is a dream and a reality for some of these fortunate kids. I don't know how you could some up the event any better than with a smiling little boy and a big loop. I am looking forward to seeing it. I liked it in the frame of you camera so I am sure it will be quite impressive bigger. It was so good to see you and thank you so much for the picture of the boys!! Much Love, Sherri

Don Johnson wrote:Darn-I'm hooked on your photos and stories, and I'm spending lots of time on this computer. Our daughter showed me how to just send a message to you, here on facebook. (I'm a slow learner.) The other day I got on a site that had the stories about your Uncle, I had to get something done before I finished and now I don't Know how I got there in the first place. Any ideas? I really want to read the rest of the stories.

Gloria Erin Atwater wrote: "Aw! Well, I'll say it again - you do magnificent work. There's a certain luck to capturing that perfect moment, but there's an art to knowing to watch for it, and an art to making it look good. :) Also, you're welcome!"

Jill Faust Whitt wrote: "I'm brand new here [Facebook], but am really loving these photos.   Mary, you have such a great talent.  Thank you for letting me in."

Gwen Orsi Martin said Your rodeo photos are probably the best I have ever seen...............

Gloria Erin Atwater wrote: "Holy cow, your work is absolutely stunning. Here via a link on Geri Byrne's FB. Magnificent work you do capturing the vibrant, hard-riding heart of the west! Thank you so much for sharing such stunning, beautiful moments! :)"

Erin W. Bronson wrote: "wow he [Dennis Winslow http://dkwinslowart.com/drawings.htm] is incredible Mary thanks..Some people like you and Dennis got all the talent for 5 states..."

David Ziegler wrote: "some of the best picture taking i've seen"

Marion Queen wrote:"I been going through all the pictures my computer will allow. What fun!---- to see the bits and reins is a show all by its self. What a treat, I can't tell you how much we enjoyed them. My husband sat right here when I went through them and had a great time. The one with the bull feet going over the fence tell quit a story."

Erin W. Bronson wrote: "Mary I wanted to tell you the other night and forgot  that I really love your work as you can capture the pictures of ones life on film that usually are just lost moments and only exist in my memories and can't really be shared by others fully. You have gift of sharing it in as close to real as it can be shared.. Thanks."

Shannon Derksen wrote: "just going through a whole bunch of your photo's and they are worthy of high respect...my hat goes off to you:)"

Wendy Ghan-Torgersen wrote:"Mary your photos are great thank you sooo much for taking the time too take these great photos!!"

Oscar Chase Dillon wrote about the Randi Johnson Cowboy Way cover: "Classic, National Geography look captured right there.  Makes me wonder what the woman is looking at, or is she just thinking, "Next chore to do..."

Oscar Chase Dillon wrote: "Just telling it like I see it, ma'am.  Your talent is a blessing, and we are the richer for your sharing the experiences."

Rob Sandmeyer wrote: "Mary, Your pictures all tell such great stories. For me it brings out the wana-be cowboy thats inside somewhere."


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