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Howdy Mary. Back in Denmark again I want to say thank you so much to you for your kindness to me in Jordan Valley. I am glad I met you and got knowledge of your great work picturing the people and the land of the Great Basin.After Jordan Valley I went to Paisley and the ZX Ranch and spend an afternoon with some of the buckaroos while they were shoeing horses in the barn. Just now I am enjoying your great pictures from the ranch on your homepage. And from the ZX I went to Yamsi Ranch and had a great morning with Jerri and John. John took me on a ride in his truck around the hole ranch – what a beautiful place! I hope you are staying well and have the energi to keep on with your important work. Hope to see you again next year in Jordan Valley. Sincerely Bent Hansen Denmark

Great shots of the MC Horse sale!! Are digital copies available for download or is it purely a hardcopy deal? Keep up the great work, love the B&W western stuffThanks, Mike Malone, Calif

Hi Mary - I just came across your website through a link from one of the buckaroo saddle-makers sites. It is OUTSTANDING! I could easily spend MANY hours browsing through it and the hundreds of links you provide to great ranching, rodeo and horse sites.

 I would like your permission to place a link to your site on my website - CENTRAL OREGON HORSE at www.centraloregonhorse.com  I would sure appreciate a reciprocal link on your site, but even if you decide that my sites doesn't offer enough of interest I would STILL like to place your link on my site. I HAVE sold some good ranch and working horses through my site. I imagine you know Paige Winebarger of Post? I have helped Paige and Kirk to sell several of their nice geldings over the years and several years ago helped Candi and Dericx Smith in Chiloquin to place some of their horses too.

Thank you for your consideration, Carol Vetterick (aka Carol from www.centraloregonhorse.com)

Billie Franks here with the Women's Ranch Rodeo Association.  Writing you in hopes you can help us out.  We currently have events in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.  We have tried to get something started in Southern California but no luck.  A couple weeks ago I spoke to a gal from Winnemucca area that is interested in getting our events started up that way.  Any suggestions on who to contact up your way would help. LOVE your photos!! AWESOME!!! Thank You In Advance Billie 620-326-1083 cell 800-835-2051 work 620-358-3883 home

First an for most we love ur site and come to it a couple a times a day to see it there is anything new.  We just started a new website and were wondering if there was any way u would link to us?  Thanks for all that u do and let us know if u like the site. Dan & Hanna Conway [Check out the Conway's new site here: http://www.hornytoadsaddlery.com ]Hornytoad Saddlery

A friend, Mike Sheridan, my minister and a third generation Horseman, mentioned that his favorite song by Ian Tyson was "MC Horses" and so in listening to the song, I had always wondered if the story in the song was true about the MC spread.What a surprise to see your pictures, especially of "Banjo" and find out the MC Ranch holdings were indeed the subject of Tyson's song. Mike will be getting one of the Mugs, as well as a relative of mine. I imagine that you have heard the song, but in case you haven't, it is on the Tyson Album entitled "Live at Longview". Thanks for your interest in history of true American West via your excellent photographs. Mike Kelly  PS Even though some of us are getting riper, we still like to bring our church men's group to help gather cattle and brand, etc. We pay our own way, have an excellent Chuckwagon Cook, and don't whine. If you know of anyone interested in our help, call Mike Sheridan at (661)268-8863.

Such beautiful photographs...I am so impressed with your work....we attend the Snaffle Bit Futurity (NRCHA) every year in Reno and it is delightful to see the Vaquero tradition in your photos!!! We collect artwork by Karmel Timmons, who  attends the Californios every year for inspiration.  Will be wonderful to have your photos to add to our collection of the Vaquero tradition! Sincerely, Karen Shrum Redmond, Oregon

I just wanted to let you know that I came across your photos on shutterfly of the MC Horse sale.  Our family loves to listen to Ian Tyson and I had a feeling that his song MC Horses was a true story.  Thanks to google and your pics, I got to see that glimpse of our wild west history! They are beautiful pictures!~Kimberly Huffman, Claremont, NC

Nadra White of JN Quarter Horses in Prineville (Harney County), Oregon, alerted me to your website shortly after I bought Colonel Blue Chip from them and had him shipped to southern California last summer.  Just checked out your shots from Klamath Bullmania and had to tell you they're GREAT (as if you didn't already know).  Folks up there are Wild & Wooly just as Nadra said.  You have my compliments on your superior photography.  Faye Pribble

I have just finished looking at your photos on the Buckaroo web page.  I want to say that you have caught in pictures many of the wrecks I have personally experienced.  Today I can look and laugh at them.  At the time, things weren't a bit funny.  The one I am most fond of is the cowboy with colored rope on the critter, and his ride for the day folded up underneath him.  I hope things turned out well for the buckaroo.  In my case I lived through it but suffered a split pelvis.  Six months passed before I could sit my saddle again.  That was fifteen years ago.  I still feel the wreck every time one takes a crow hop.

Anyway, thanks for using your expertise to catch those maybe not so important moments in a person's life that may turn into one of those unforgettable stories the grandkids get  to hear.Keep up the good work. Carl Larsen, Larsen's Cattle Dogs Star, Texas

Better than RANGE! Keep up the outstanding work. E Wilson

Hi Mary I'm hoping things are good for you, that the snow is not too deep.  Today I put my hide scalding tub into my rawhide trough and built a fire in it.  The ice was near 8" thick and is taking some time to thaw!

Hey! Lots of good news here!  Rebekah and I got married!  We are living in Frenchglen, she is teaching and I'm braiding and building saddles.  We are real happy and things are real suitable for us here

We sure wish you all the best and are looking forward to seeing ya in the Spring!  I greatly respect the work you do and the heart which motivates you!  You sure benefit a lot of people and help us other holdouts:)!

Peace and Joy to you!  May God bless you greatly and daily show his love in ways that make sense to you!

Kind regards, Steve & Rebekah Harris, Vaquero Gear & Saddles, 39225 Hwy 205 Frenchglen, OR(541) 589-964www.rawhidebraider.com

stumbled across your photos today while looking for something else on the internet.beautiful work. will order some prints for my shop soon. keep up the good work.thank you bob kirkwood in Texas

My name's Amy Alexander - I'm from over in Cedarville, CA. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you're website and all your pictures!!! I recently moved down to Ft. Worth, TX this last March and your website keeps me in touch with all the friends and activities I miss about our little part of the world! :) You really do an amazing job!!! Thank you!!!-Amy

My friend, Dwight, just bought a print of my husband from you the other day and gave it to me as a gift. I liked it so much, I went online to find more!I just ordered several prints of yours off of shutterfly. I just wanted to let you know that I couldn't order from multiple galleries. I had to make two different orders to purchase photos from two different galleries and pay two shipping fees, which was kind of a pain. Thought you might like to know. Still, I'm super excited to get the prints - I can never get good photos of my husband horse roping (I'm generally chasing toddlers and don't even get to see him rope!). Thanks! Sabrina Schaefer

I've had your calendar here in my office for a month now, and get lots of compliments on it - Just love it. I found this site and thought you might enjoy seeing the Argentine Ranch Bronc Photos. For the record, you've obviously got a better understanding of bronc riding than this guy, as you select better pictures for display than he has here - I think anyhow!!www.shootshorses.com/jesus_maria_festival.htmGordon Taylor Buffalo, WY

I adore that "real" look. Models and posing won't work with what you're doing there.  Yeah, maybe for an ad or such, but if it's "Buckaroo Country" you've got to be in the country with real buckaroos, and cute isn't a requisite. I looked at just hats once, and the same for shirts and boots.  To be real honest I don't know enough about saddles and tack to know all the why's, but it's neat to compare what is being used. I doubt if this is anything to brag about, but I've done some stuff that just might get a man shot, or hung, in some cultures, yet I've never stolen a horse.  If you hear the small beauty being roped by Norbert & Woody "September 2009" has come up missing, you'll know I can no longer make that claim.  Again, great work, I'm very happy with it.  Dave

Hi Mary, Really enjoy your calendar.I was also wondering if you had any pictures of the Jordan Valley  Big Loop and the Californios this year.  Thank you! Jamie