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I sit at my desk in Canyon, Texas after a hard day's work teaching at Amarillo High School. Your pictures are captivating and you my dear are an awesome artist. If you ever get to the Texas Panhandle, let us know and we'll put the coffee on. Keep up the wonderful work capturing the west before it is gone. Michael Roberts

Subject: Hello from England

"Hello Mary, just wanted to drop you a message to say hi, and that we LOVE your website, we're always on there and because of that we can feed our passion of the buckaroo life!! (even though we live in the uk!) We've been out to the States a number of times now and usually end up with Richard and Nancy Caldwell, where we go for lessons, this year we'll be going to their fiesta, helping out there and then staying on for lessons afterwards, Hope to se you there?? take care, Lisa and Mark Bruin"

Mary. Your photos are amazing! Head and shoulders above most work in western art of any medium.  Thanks Phil

Hi Mary! I enjoyed your new round of photos, I am sorry I was not there to see Glen and co manage that white bull!  Pretty exciting! Also, I saw the photos from the Seneca branding.  It gives ya a good feeling to know that such things are still goin on in the world.  I really like the photo of Merlin and the young guy fetching that cow.  It is a meaningful picture, as are lots of your shots.

   A year ago I rode, frost cracking as fog froze on the Malhure marsh, every blade of beargrass and willow twig was crusted with jewels worth more than any oil sultan's hoard.  Life is beautiful!  We gathered a little bunch and branded, I got to see Red Dunbar and Joe Miller rope out of  the bunch, they did not stir the cattle as they worked em'.  A fella named Nathan helped me settle my young horse, he did it so subtly that I did not feel dumb.:)  Rodney Johnson was there with a yellow hackamore horse who had lots of nice life in him.  R sure handled him well, so well.  A great day to learn, though I missed a good shot that day! :)

   Thanks for your site Mary.  Lots of folks appreciate it Steve & Rebekah.

 Ps:  I've scalded a couple dairy hides this year, and feel like I have a pretty good system for those lighter hides.  Beef hides are still kinda tough to get scalded on accounta the hair.

Mary, I was wondering if I could git a link to your web site, I visit it form time to time and anybody that knows what they are looking at would know you capture the real deal. Happy New Year, Martin Black 

Dear Mary, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all the work you do with the buckaroo web site, pictures, and rodeo information etc. I know it is alot of work but,it is greatly appreciated. I hope you had a great Christmas. Keep up the good work. Smitty.

Mary ...You have some of the best pictures I have ever seen. The frame by frame of the guy getting bucked off of the roan horse is amazing. Have a Merry Christmas. Tammy Hoover

Hello Mary, What a wonderful website you have.  I really enjoy www.buckaroocountry.com .Lee Daggett here, Producer of Mountain High Broncs & Bulls in Enterprise, OR. & Pro Rodeo Announcer.   Our Committee is engaged in the planning for 2010.  We will be Fathers Day Weekend, June 19th & 20th.  We have been featuring both Saddle Bronc and Ranch Saddle Bronc, but for 2010 we have proudly made the decision to feature the Ranch Saddle Bronc event only.We will be putting up $5000 added money and hopefully a trophy saddle.  48 riders, (24 each performance) will make the total purse $11,000.  We will pay out 6 places.  Not bad for a small town eh? Our out-of-date website is www.mountainhighrodeo.com  (we' will be sprucing it up and bringing it current soon!)Love to see you come with your camera in 2010 !Cheers, Lee Daggett, MHBB541-398-0103 cell

Mary, Love your webpage.  You did a great job on it.  Brings back memories of times past.  I thought you would get a kick out of this. Mike Gallagher ( Cowboy Rules has been circulating around the internet...pretty good...I posted it here on my website for your enjoyment)

Dear Mary, I write to you from the roof of a barn in Virginia. I came up here to daydream and plan, to stare west and write letters. Your name was given to me by a friend as an artist to check out, and as someone who knows the ins and outs of the world of vaquero horsemanship. I left art school a couple years ago to learn to work with horses. I've been mostly working in boarding stables, trying to find my place. I moved from Portland to central Virginia a few months ago and quickly realized that this is definitely not where I should be. I want to be a farrier, but most importantly, I want to live a lifestyle. I want to completely immerse myself in the partnership between human and horse and cow, to know I work hard at good work and carry on traditions.

I want to be a cowgirl, but I want to do it right. I know that if given the chance, I'll throw myself into it with everything I have. The main roadblock of course, is money. I'm going to have to learn this by being in a working situation and the amount of experience I have makes getting a cowhand position difficult. I need to convince someone to take a chance on me.

I hope this letter doesn't strike you as a stranger asking for too much. Your photographs drove home how badly I want to make this happen. I thought I may as well write to see if you have any insights or suggestions you could share. I hope this letter finds you well, and thank you in advance. LD Kittel 434-242-7066, lisakittel@gmail.com 93 Burchs Creek Rd, Crozet, VA 22932.

Dear Mary Hyde, I really like your photographs, I discovered your horse pictures on your homepage. I have a German web magazine for horse trading, the name is REMUDA.de. It would be great if I could link your homepage from mine, and I want to ask for your permission to use one of your pictures for this. Click this for an example design: http://www.remuda.de/de/start.html?mu_action=detail&mu_id=367. With best regards, Michael Neubert

Hello Mary, I came across your site when a friend did a search for mine and indirectly found a reference in your comments page! Having read it and seen your site I fear the guy might have had a point. There are some great images on your site. One of the reasons I am writing is that I am trying to make  shootshorses more global in its appeal and my interest in horses is becoming greater than the areas I can find in the UK. I was in the process of researching Wyoming and Montana as possibilities for finding a different area to do a project about horses and the people who work with them. Of course finding anything that is not a "Dude Ranch" where one has to pay silly money for the privilege seems to be very hard indeed. I am looking for much more rural enterprises with large head of stock, cattle or horses, in proximity to the sort of events that you document so well. No short order when you are on this side of the pond!! Any assistance you might be able to offer would be much appreciated of course but it might be nice to get to know another photographer with the same interests broadly speaking. If you find the time do drop me a line and say hello, Yours in admiration, David http://www.shootshorses.com

We went to the website and he was disappointed that your “display” was gone from your home page, but we slobbered over all the pictures you took of Dwight, Sam, & especially MY HORSE PERKIN and Scott!   I would like to run the placings and a little bit about the show and some photos… did you save what you had on your home page?  And how do I go about buying some of your photos of scott & perkin? Linda Grosskopf

Hello Mary! This is Johanna Dominguez from the Grand Fiesta - one of the New York girls. I just wanted to drop you a quick note saying what a pleasure it was to meet you. I have been browsing your site for years, ever since I first got into this kind of horsemanship (which really is not that long compared to some!) and it was a dream come true to meet the face behind the photos! It was an honor to be photographing next to you! I enjoyed your photos of the Fiesta! I just finished uploading mine.(http://good-times.webshots.com/album/574139368lukFkl?start=12 ) I hope that we will get other opportunities to meet again.

Mary -Just had to drop you a note to say that the latest pics you put up (Kueny Ranch) are awesome!  The close-ups that are B&W are amazing, and I love all your color ones.  The colors are just great, and you don't seem to have any trouble with shadows ever! Keep 'em coming!Jan

Hello Mary,  Thanks for posting all the thousands of photos.  I am a Texas cowboy and really enjoy seeing images of the real west out in your backyard.  If you have a chance, take a look at our webpage,  larsencattledogs.Com  .  Thanks again and keep up all that great photography.   Carl Larsen

I see you have found your passion. No more waiting around. You go girl. I see you are empowered with a mission and that is photography. Your website is great. Susan Watt, Program Director, Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary http://www.wildmustangs.com

Great pictures of Merlin and others roping out of the rodear.  This is a priceless preservation of the Great Basin culture. Mike Prescott, Shamrock Ranch, Laytonville, CA

Hi MaryI've built a web site called “Classical Californio Horsemanship” to share pictures and news with my friends and family. I'd like you to be a member of my site. Come check it out at http://classicalcaliforniohorsemanship.shutterfly.com/. Just wanted you to know how great it was to get on your site and see the great picture of Merlin.It's so great to see him back on a horse! I also want the thank you for all the other great pic's I have alway's enjoyed your site but I really love the new format. Bruce Sandifer

Mary, Thank you for posting the wonderful picture of my Dad, Merlin Rupp.  He truly is the best.  My husband and I were planning on being at Matt's for the branding but just were not able to get away.  Thank you so much for sharing all your awesome pictures and helping those of us that can't always be there feel as though we were.Keep up the good workDana Robbins

Hello Mary, Just wanted to drop a line and tell you the recent photos of branding at Mat Carters place are absolutely superb.  By far the best I have ever seen.  Congratulations to you and the excellent work you do. Justin Bosgieter

I love the new look. Very organized, nice design, easy to navigate. Just a great overall look! Congratulations. Phil

Hi Mary, I've just spent the past hour or so on your site! It's wonderful. I'm a saddle blanket weaver: lindahaydensaddleblankets.com and I'm wondering how I can become a link on your web site. After looking at my web site if you think I qualify, please let me know. My site is fairly new and I'm interested in adding links so that's of interest also. Thanks, Mary. Your photography is great and I always look for your work.Linda Hayden

Hello,My name is Kami Bailey, I was introduced to your website by Gene Gabica, she is the Mother to Renae Ugalde that lives in Nine Mile, Nevada. Any how to get right to the point, I really like your sight and would like to have it linked in my website. If you are not opposed to that idea please let me know. If you approve I would have to use a few of your photos to create your link. You could choose them if you wanted or I would do it myself.I look forward to hearing from you soon.Thanks Kami Bailey www.baileysc4ranch.com

•You are truly welcome. We enjoy your pictures and are so glad that we are able to order this year. Your pictures have truly blessed us. Gena

•Mary, Don't suppose you remember talking to me, but I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy all your photos. The latest ones on the front are just great! Great shots of stuff most people will never get to see and probably don't understand at all if they do see it! Thanks for all the hours of enjoyment I get. Robert DennisWestern SD

• Good morning I am Mark Bryant of Central Nevada Antiques and Fine Art, http://www.centralnv.com/, a new website gallery representing artists whose work represents the life and style of the Great Basin region of the United States.  I titled a page "Buckaroo Country" with plans of introducing through a web presentation the Buckaroo lifestyle and the Great Basin region.  In my research I found your site, http://www.buckaroocountry.com/, needless to say there is no way I can adequately do a presentation without information from your site, which is extremely thorough. What I want is a page that shares the Buckaroo lifestyle and landscape of the Great Basin region with my audience so they better understand the difference between buckaroo art of the Great Basin region and cowboy art of the southwest region. 

I have not seen nor can I duplicate any better representation than what you have established in http://www.buckaroocountry.com/. Would you consider providing the information and photography for this page on my site? I am not expecting any compensation, I just want to share the buckaroo country and nobody does it better than you. 

We have 3 artists at this time and working on a stable of 5-7 artists, all complimenting each other and voted in by each other. Your page would enrich our site. If you like what you see and would like your photography represented and sold by Central Nevada Antiques and Fine Art, call me C:775-302-6282, or e-mail mark@centralnv.comThank you for taking the time to read this request. Sincerely, Mark, Central Nevada Antiques and Fine Art

• I love your web site.  The only problem is I spend too much time looking at the pictures and  not enough time working.One great improvement is the contrast between the text and background.  Before, I had a hard time reading the text.  Not now. Thanks David, Salt Lake City, Utah

• This e-mail to let you know that your work is a great contribution to the Buckaroo culture, and as such extremely valuable to the heritage of the big great basin vaquero tradition. Your photographs are pieces of art reflecting your exceptional talent and keen eye to capture moments and to offer them a future as an ever lasting story. This is poetry written in the rich language of the image. My name is Rik Raats from Belgium, Europe. I own and conduct a marketing-communication agency, and at home at our Ranch we breed and train horses.I assume your efforts must be enormous with long hot days of shooting and long long hours behind a computer screen, but please consider they are worth every single second. Your oeuvre enriches the world wide cultural library and stage, and honours the great basin and its culture. All my respect, Rik Raats

I just looked at your feedback page...............wow.............glad you shared those with us........I know I am not alone in this fan club of mine...............We have a special place that we all like to go............Buckaroo Country............and you are a very diligent and thorough chronicler of the lifestyle. Some come close to 'getting it' but you are definitely on the pulse of this lifestyle, that while being elusive to some, is the very core of their being. I know that you have enough material for many books now and I can't wait to see the results of the next step you will take with these fantastic images. You are a true Artist with a camera! Denise Smith

Mary, just wanted to say thank you for driving all the way down to Minden for the rodeo last weekend. Hope you had a good time and got plenty of great photos. I spoke to you about a horse roping picture where the horse is in the air sideways about 4 foot high. I could not remember where you said to find it on your web site. If you could tell me again I would be grateful.  Thanks so much, Jimmy Lee Buckaroo Fest President

Mary, my name is Rich Rice, I am on the executive committee for the working ranch horse program in Idaho. I love your website, and thought I would drop you a line to tell you about our wonderful program. The program started 4 years ago through the  District 2 Idaho youth horse council and is geared toward preserving our Great Basin Buckaroo heritage. It is an all volunteer program of dedicated adults who take the time one weekend a month to teach the traditional ways of ranching. From working cattle ,horsemanship, knot tying, roping, medical treatment and health etc...  Since its beginning 4 years ago we have grown from 30-40 kids to well over 100. We are very proud of this program, and the surprisingly popularity of it with the youth of Southern Idaho. Recently we participated in an event which every year celebrates the 'roots' of the town of Murphey, Idaho. I have enclosed a link to the Audio and pictorial article from the Idaho Statesman news paper.http://legacy.idahostatesman.com/media/2008/horseproject/

 Please take the time to watch it, for it showcases our program so well. We are also proud to have AQHA asked us to do a rodear and 'mini clinic' for the regional experience in Nampa, Idaho on the 22nd of July. That was a huge step for our little program as far as exposure to folks who don't know what a Buckaroo is, let alone what they do. That is the purpose of this e-mail to inform people about what the youth here in Idaho are doing, a positive program that will leave them with memories of a lifetime.

 I want to thank you for your awesome web site, and the time it took you to read my longwinded e-mail. feel free to drop me a line if you would like more info on our program. idahobuckaroo@hotmail.com

Good pictures and I always love to see the new ones every time you add them.  Keep up the awesome work!  I hope your summer is going well.  Take care, Bridger


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