Hello Mary, I'm a fan from your webpage!  I'm a Friend of Martin Hansen, together we founded the CRHA inGermany. Now I want to visit the Californios Roping and Stockhorse Contest this month. I arrive at 19th  April in San Francisco and leave directly after the event.For sure you know some Places I should visit. Maybe you know also aPlace where I can ride  doctor a calf and tie one on to the saddle horn. In Germany its not allowed to rope without a breakaway hondo. This is due to our Animal Welfare and legal rights.  I contact Richard C. but a single person clinic is to expensive for me. Maybe you know a kind of dude ranch where they practice the vaquero/buckaroo style and I could stay there for a few days. I also would love to see wild mustangs, do you know a place to watch? I would appreciate to here from you. kind regards,Markus Roemer

My name is Nick Tabler.  I have had your web site as one of my favorites for a year or so now.  My wife and I really enjoy the pictures. We live in ranching country in south Texas and my wife has filled up two computers with pictures and that brings me to the reason for this letter.  She is using a Canon from Wal-Mart and is not happy with the speed of the camera.  A couple of times on your website you have mentioned the speed of your camera.  Can you tell us what it is and where she can get some pointers on taking pictures with a digital camera. Thank you in advance for any help you can give us. Nick Tabler and Connie Wright

first of all, i want to congrat you to your homepage www.buckaroocountry.com! Nearly everyday i am looking at your great pictures. I do live in germany and try to "live the buckaroo code" overhere. I have been to the ION almost every year for my holidays and have been introduced to a lot of very nice people who let me have a deeper insight in their work and living. I really appreciated this! Since i have both Singer & Jensen Production DVDs (Tapadero & The Remuda) and also have seen the pictures of Richard Caldwell on your webpage i wonder if you do know Richard a little closer? Is he a professional horse trainer? I do really like his style of horsemanship and of course admire the horses he rides! I am working as a part-time horse trainer here in germany and really would like to get to know him in person! Maybe you can be of a little assistance to me and hand me over his adress or phone number? Does he run a own webpage? Do let you know a little bit more about me, you may have a look at my homepages: www.crha.de (which stands for Californio Ranch Horse Association of Germany, the Association i am currently President of) and www.californiastockhorses.de (which is my personal homepage,... please note that it is still under construction!) Both Pages so far are only available in german language but i think it will give you a idea of what we are doing over here ;-)Best regards from this side of the planet Martin Hansen

Hell I had already seen it before I e-mailed you this a.m.  It is one of the first sites I visit every day.  Tell me, is there a video available of the Californios event?Damon

Just wanted to let you know that I have become a genuine fan of the site and visit daily.  I was raised on 87,000 acres in AZ and cowboyed most of my life until I recently got married to a "damn yankee" from MN.  I have been offered a job to go back to riding a few colts and I am using your sites for links to add to my gear collection.  Thanks again.Damon Rogers

Howdy, love your website. I live on a cowcamp in SE Wyoming and was wondering when you were going to come out with your new book? Daron Little

Thank you Mary. JUst to make sure i described them accurately ,i'll mention that the fellow in the pictures was on a black horse and the rider also had a black hat.  By the way, i wanted to mention that i really appreciated reading through your links page. there were a couple of people that i didn't know and they had some great merchandise. I also enjoyed browsing through your site. If you ever get a chance you should come down to paso robles, ca or santa ynez for their vaquero shows. great collections of bits and spurs and other assorted items.., thank you again David Jeffers

Thank you for sharing the pictures! They are great. We have now looked at all of them, and they are wonderful!! Thanks again for coming out. We love your pictures! Rachel

Hi my brother Danny said you had a bunch of pictures of him at the Rodeo and branding. I was going to see if you would mind sending them to me. I don’t get to see him ride often because I live in Virginia so it’s always cool to see pictures of him riding.Thanks Jon Ouellette

We are on a slow as Christmas dial up but I can get a peak every now and then at your great photos. At my age I am envious of where all you get to go and drink in the country, the horses and horsemen. I spent 30 years as a soldier and the last 10 as a horse breeder and have a powerful hankering to take my own horses west to ride big ground and be where I can see a far piece again. Would you be kind enough to tell me where you would go if you had the chance?? ( at 60 years I don't have time to mess around on the edges :0)All the Best,Hutch

You got some GREAT shots, on that last one, the wreck when that horse fell, is incredible, with your shots per second going wild, you can tell that horse was MAD..whoohooo. glad I wasn't on him...I prefer a nice stroll...lol..you know what I liked about that group in particular, is that most of those boys had ar hold their lass rope..very interesting to see the body postures, and positioning.. the colors were great, the background rock, and weeds, were great texture.. Not one thing did I not like...I am tellin you Miss Mary, you are recording history...love. p.

Your pics are great - "the real deal", of real hands.  I would have to add your book to my cowboy coffee table book collection!

I am amazed by your photos and have always had a fondness for the skills and gear of the Buckaroo as compared to other types of working ranch cowboys. I collect cowboy spurs and gear of all types, and get as much Californio style stuff that I can afford. Loved the one shot that's a boot/spur/stirrup closeup, and would have ordered a larger size, but from the preview screen, it appeared that all the larger sizes cropped off part of the rowel - just a matter of math and proportion. Wish you would do more of the gear closeups, since their saddles, spurs, chinks, armitas, flathats, riatas and fiadors are so distinctive and artistic in their beauty as well as function. From my experience, buckaroos are usually very proud of their gear and eager to show it off to quality photographers such as yourself. Your site is awesome and keep up the good work. I envy you the ability to attend all those wonderful events and beautiful scenery, but I am stuck in flat-as-a-pancake Dallas! I promise to take the time to order lots more in the future. Best Regards, Jim Gadient

I found your site wandering through the Internet looking for interesting items relative to the Great Basin buckaroos.  I notice that you say that you have photos of the Soldier Meadows Ranch.  I have spent some time there on a few different occasions.  I am really interested in seeing what photos you might have.  Are they available online as well?  I couldn't see a link specific to the ranch. 

 I would be interested in the book that you are trying to put together.   I really like the pictures that show the vastness of the area and the traditional ways of getting the work done.

 the coffee table book would be awesome. we would love to buy one when they come out. Garrett & Camy Duncan

Yes!! I'd buy several of your books. Keep up the great work! Robin Salin 

Your work is wonderful!

hello, I would buy a coffee table book to go with the rest I have. Please let me know when they will be ready. Thank you Marlin Will

Mary I would be interested in a few copies of the book. I have a friend who owns a bookstore hear in Cochrane Alberta ( Westlands Books ) who would more than likely take an order to sell out of his store. Southern Alberta is ranching country where the Buckaroo style flourishes on the big outfits hear and in B.C. Good luck, DG

I vote hell yes mam , i am a Arizona cowpuncher never been around many buckaroos but i would buy it for sure mam.Dale Funkhouser

Yes, of course, I love the one at the top of the page, with the paint saddle bronc.  I wondered if you ever have photos that aren't usable for you, like if the angle is wrong for what you're wanting or they are just not publishable photos...I am a watercolorist and I'm always on the lookout for really great reference photos, and I appreciate your artistic eye.  Good luck with your book, when it comes out, email me, I'd love to have one!  Many thanks, Lori Fowle  keystone@wreawildblue.org

I am in Northern Illinois just west of Chicago.  My father was a horse trainer and I took after him.  I have a great love for these horses and I have always admired the Vaquero method of riding.  The full bridle horse is just breathless.  This area people just don’t know what a great horse like that is but my father and I have also had an admiration for them.

 YES!  We would definitely buy one.  We would probably buy a total of three for sure for gifts.

Hi,Thank you. I love your photo's you do a amazing job. Lindsey S

Mary- you're the best. Not only do you have a great website with some terrific vendors on it as well good links pages, but your calendar is tops- I just wish the calendar was a little larger, so it would cover the entire door of my tack room! Have a great holiday!   Charter

I just happened to hear that my boys pictures were in the buckaroo country.com. They participated in the ranch hand rodeo down in yerington, nv. You took some awesome pictures - thanks. I have ordered pictures of them and I really enjoy the photos. Have a super thanksgiving! Sincerely, Rochelle Thomas

Dear Ms. Hyde, I just had the great pleasure of looking at some of your photos. I had heard a song by Ian Tyson called "MC Horses" and wondered if it was based on fact, and went on the net, and there you were documenting history. You take some wonderful pictures, and I see that some are for sale; however, I was wondering if you have compiled any photo books. If not, we're missing something! If you don't have any books, I'll have to make some decisions about which photos I'd like to have here at home.Thanks for sharing your talent. Blessings,Charlene Allen, Old Hickory TN

I took a brief moment to check out your buckaroo site from your email signature, and really enjoyed your site, it is intriguing and descriptive. -Deanna

I think your photos are wonderful.  It gave my family an opportunity to see a cousin we haven't seen in years that's working on the Five Dot ranch.I don't know what to say.....we check back to your site regularly to see new photos you have posted. Have not seen or talked to him in a coons age. Shannon and Nels

•Greetings Mary, In viewing your website last night we could see you have been one busy gal recording the buckaroos at their work and pleasure events. Your photos are profoundly professional! Not only in color content but clarity and you obviously have a discerning eye for your subject . Keep up the great work Mary! We would like to thank you for the nice ad on our macartys. Again the macartys displayed looked so cool. Merlin has had three sales to your ad credit. A few more inquiries. –Faithe and Merlin........i hope you sell lots of photos so we can all benefit from your best ever buckaroo book. Best regards, Faithe


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