Dear Mary,  I’ve wanted to write for some time…here goes.  As a buckaroo want-to-be I’ve struggled to find a media to satisfy my hunger for that life style.  Then I ran across your site.  You and your site are awesome!   I’m on your site most everyday.  Then you introduced me to Buckaroo Guide…all of a sudden I had two sites of interest.  Life was good.  Then just as sudden Buckaroo Guide went away?  What happened?  I sure hope you stay on board!  I got a calendar from you and I love it.  Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAVE A GREAT DAY!Tony

....By the way, any progress on getting your coffee table book published? - speaking of "can't wait"...Morgan

Hey,I really enjoyed looking at your photos but i was wondering if you had any from the bull riding for Jordan Valley of 2007. I participated in it and was just checking if you had any. Would you please let me know. Thank you Cole Williams

Fantastic website…Visit it at least weekly.  I enjoy ranch roping here on the east coast with some friends.  Have a collection of ‘ coffee table  books’ , both paintings and photography and a large number of non-fiction about the ‘cowboy’ from all over. We have an author at N.C. State ( my alma mater) who is somewhat of an authority on the topic; but from my perspective he can’t touch Paul F. Starrs book  “Let the Cowboy Ride”, published by Johns Hopkins Press in’98.  He teaches at Univ.  Nev-Reno. It’s a serious read with phenomenal details and good photography…Perhaps you could identify his book on your website.  I look forward to your website and your success with the book. Respectfully.    Fred Pugh    Pittsboro NC

Hi, just came across your web site.  The rider on the black horse in front of a block wall ( the pic right under the one of the 2 kids) I'm sure is Clayton Edsall from Farmington,Ca......    Edsall performance horses .com  I would gladly pay $85.00 for a coffee table book of your photos.Hope this helps.Rocky Armitage

I am writing this for two reasons . First for wishing you and your family a happy new year and good hopes for 2008.Second for thanking you for your inspiration and great work with your camera. I am visiting your home- page everyday looking for new pictures and words from the buckaroo country. Coming to Jordan Valley for the first time three years ago changed my life, and I will come back every year. I am staying and working on a 40.000 acre ranch in Montana during the month of April and the first half of May before going to Oregon and Nevada. Last year I also payed a visit to Whitehorse Ranch and ZX ranch in Oregon on advice of my good friend Skeeter Clark in Jordan Valley. Skeeter really has a story to tell. This year I hope to go to the Spanish Ranch in Tuscarora. I don`t know yet if it is possible but I hope so. I also hope to find Yamsi Ranch this year.I was pretty close on the Williamson Road last year-I will do better next time.Looking forward to see you and John and Jerry in Jordan Valley comes May. Sincerely Bent Hansen Denmark

How is the book coming? Should I go ahead and feed my child or have the money ready? Just kidding. I'm looking forward to it. Jeff Ritter

Hi Mary;  I just wanted to let you know that the calendar is great you did a bang up job.Gary Goins

....And I Love your website by the way. Thank you for all the great pictures.     Andrew

I was born and raised in eastern Colorado, and we always handled and moved our cattle in a certain way. My youngest sister moved to the north east Oregon, and Married a guy from there(the Wallowa valley). Todd's Dad was the best man at Tom Durance wedding years ago. Meeting Todd was my first exposer to the "Buckaroo" way of doing things. I go out there in the spring and help them with there brandings, at first I would ask questions like why do you have such a long rope? and that funny look'n saddle horn. Over the years I ready learned and appreciated there way of doing things. I guess my point is that all over the country we all have our certain ways of doing things(short ropes and tied on). I wish there was more folks like yourself to celebrate and document this way of life that seems to slipping away for our culture. PS. I think your coffee table book will sell really well. Dan Fields

I am in the bottom photo on your home page.  On the top is Jeff Hansen, below in order are:  Travis Gavin, Mitch Williams, Buck Brannaman and Frank Dominquez.You really have some great photos of not only the Californios but also the great basin culture.Keep up the good work.Mike Prescott Shamrock Ranch

Yes, I would love to buy a book.  I am a big looper in SW Colorado. Keep up the great work.Erin Franks

YES for your book.  I hope you make one because you have some GREAT pictures on your site. I also have a question that I hope you can help me with.  I found your site by searching for Bill Black hackamores with Google.  Although the short Google summary shows the mention of Bill Black on your website, i can't find it on your website.  Do you know how to contact Bill Black.  I am looking for a Bill Black hackamore.  Thanks for your time, and good luck with your book! Thanks, Susan

On the website there is a questionnaire that asks if someone would be willing to pay $85 for a book of your work… that sort of thing would be very marketable in this neck of the woods.Brittany Henderson Woodstock, GA 30188

I haven't looked at your pictures for some time.I brought them up this morning and was especially enjoying the ones at Spanish Springs. Wow, what beautiful corrals and shuts and your photography just gets better and better.I noticed you are running a questionnaire about doing a book. I want you to know I would be first in line and would treasure a signed copy.I hope to see you at the Bull Sale I'm all set to go down in late January. Put me on your list!! Sherri

Just to let you know I have very much enjoyed your photos, you have a fantastic site.  I have just started a new website for my saddle business,  I wonder if you would mind if I put a link to your site on my links page.Thanks Much Steve Mason High River, Alberta T1V 1P7

Awesome horse roping pictures - where else can we look at other real ranch folks doing what we love to do.  We don't know many of the people in your shots but we love to look through them because they are the "real deal".  Can't wait for the ranch rodeo season to get in full swing this summer, too! Morgan

Dear Ms. Hyde,Thank you for your email to the Smithsonian Photography Initiative (SPI) and for your particular interest in CLICK!   Thank you for sharing your project vision and website with us. It was shared with the staff of SPI as well as the curator of CLICK! We all enjoyed viewing your photos, feel you are doing important work, and wish you much success as you continue in your project.Later this year, we will be inviting the public to submit their images and comments about the ways photography has influenced the world in which we live. If you sign up for our mailing list (link below) you will be sure to get a notice when this has launched. Please check back at that time and see if you would like to submit in response to our targeted calls. Again, many thanks for your email.

My calendar is up waiting for July.  The photos are great and the print quality is outstanding.  Well worth the money. Richard Laycock

From a personal perspective; I think you’ve done an excellent job on all things buckaroo, cowboy, vaquero, herder , cowman, horseman…whatever.  I’m from the East Coast (N.C. Piedmont), but I’ve admired the buckaroo tradition from Hackamore Reinsman in high school (late ‘50’s) to Ray Hunt and all his followers and supplicants.  I’ve worked/handled cattle for years from a saddle.  I do leather work (bridles, chaps, chinks, and armitas…I make 10 or 12 different kinds of rawhide hondas…got three 65’ reatas and a half dozen 5/16ths by 65’ lariats, all broken in .  Not a wannabe…But I have worked, studied, practiced and learned how to handle cattle, horses and SHEEP from a horse with dogs.  Having made that disclaimer; I have a book that you need to find and promote:  “Let the Cowboy Ride” by Paul F. Starrs…Published by Johns Hopkins University Press in 1998.  Don’t let the publisher throw you off…Starrs is a professor of geography at University of Nevada at Reno…I got the book in 1999 and have absorbed it several time since…Over time I’ve managed to get it on the required reading list for Animal Science majors at NC State, Clemson, and Virginia Tech. I’ve discussed the book at the Northern Rockies Leather Crafters with the lady from Hitching Post Supply and Tip from Tip’s in Winnemucca…nobody seems to want to read or publicize the book…It’s an encyclopedia of everything your website talks about.  Do yourself a favor and get a copy-356 page paperback- for less than $20 plus shipping. Read it and  promote it on your website…you’d be doing a world of service to your readers and admirers…I don’t need a response; I’ll just keep enjoying your website.  Respectfully,  Fred Pugh

I am looking forward to the pictures.  I want to make a collage for Jason for his birthday.  I have a copy of the catalog also.  It is sure fun and everyone I show it to is real impressed.  He is sure a great young man.Judy

Dear Mrs Mary, i had always visited yer punchy site...lots of my buddies are in the pictures and u have a very super web outfit! I will(now)add yore site to our links with a big smile and know,different countries same lifestyle...we're justa come back from Elko.happy Trail Drew Mischianti.

Howdy Mary. Time is riding fast and soon I will be in Montana again and later in Jordan Valley for The Big Loop. As you know I am visiting your homepage almost every day enjoying the great pictures and the words both. Your new work The Buckaroo Calendar is such a beautiful and exciting product, and it looks like a great tribute to the land and the people in that wonderful part of the U.S. Please save a copy for me. I will pay you in Jordan Valley. Many  greetings Bent Hansen Denmark

There is a market here for authentic old-west. It’s a decorating style…suburbanites trying to recreate – to the best of their abilities – the look and feel of real cowboy. I can see this book sitting in these people’s homes…Actually, I kind of wish you had one already compiled – it would make a great gift. The pictures you take of these cowboys are unlike anything anyone here can offer. If I were you, I would think BIG – and see if a publishing company would distribute a collection of your work across the US (but especially in our area J) Brittany Henderson Woodstock, GA 30188


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