I am very proud to present my first book. It is filled with photos that I took at a branding at the ZX out in the desert near their Viewpoint headquarters. I also interviewed most everyone who was there that day to make the book more interesting. It is 11x13 and has 160 pages. I plan to do dozens of books eventually that will all be designed to match in look and feel to make a nice collection. I hope you will find it is a treasure to keep and enjoy for years and years to come. Click on the book graphic at the left to see a preview and order if you like.

Just thought I would tell you that I love your knew book and am looking forward to the next ones! Move on over KURT MARKUS there is a new book to add to our collections! Important for the Great Basin Buckaroos, this new book is a slice of life! Not doing so bad for the 'vanishing breed' now is it???? -Denise Smith

I have purchased a number of these kind of books over the years. What I like about your book over many others I have is that you take the time to tell about the people and their backgrounds and also give the reader a sense of the history of the ZX and it's location. I hope this book is only the first of many to come. Thanks. Gary Winckler

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